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Quantcast launches brand advertising solutions suite for digital marketers

Quantcast launches brand advertising solutions suite for digital marketers
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California, USA – Global adtech company Quantcast has launched a new suite of brand advertising solutions for digital marketers who demand more from their brand advertising. 

The new suite can aid marketers plan, activate, and measure video, native and display brand campaigns across the web and on connected TV (CTV). Built on Quantcast’s cookieless technology, marketers benefit from access to their entire audience.

Through the Quantcast Platform, marketers can measure and optimise brand advertising as effectively as their direct response campaigns. These new, easy-to-use solutions build on Quantcast’s leadership in data and machine learning to deliver planning against scalable audiences and premium inventory.

Other factors that the new suite addressed includes hi-fidelity audience activation across screens, automated campaign optimisation, and comprehensive measurement of brand advertising’s impact on consumer preference and downstream business outcomes.

Andrew Double, vice president for APAC at Quantcast, said, “As demand for programmatic brand advertising grows in Asia-Pacific, our aim is to simplify things for marketers. Siloed systems and data detract from marketing intent, limit marketing innovation, and lack real-time, actionable feedback. We’re excited to introduce our streamlined take on integrated brand advertising, with automated optimisation and timely measurement of impact.”

At the heart of this new product suite is Brand Lift Live, an integrated, real-time survey solution that enables marketers to optimise campaigns continuously against the brand awareness and consideration metrics that really matter, rather than limiting substitute metrics such as viewability and click-through rate (CTR).

Through the solution, it uses statistically controlled survey groups to measure the real-time impact of ads throughout a campaign, allowing for refinement of campaign audiences and delivery characteristics to maximise the impact of every marketing dollar. A new measurement approach for the open internet, Brand Lift Live complements traditional research methodologies similar to the way a fitness tracker complements an annual medical check-up.

Meanwhile, Peter Day, chief technology officer at Quantcast, commented, “We found that practitioners relied on poor proxy metrics like viewability and CTR because assessing what they really care about – recall, awareness, and consideration – in a timely and precise enough manner to support campaign optimisation was simply too hard. Brand Lift Live solves this problem.”

Alongside Brand Lift Live, additional platform insights examine the incremental reach of campaigns across web and CTV and the downstream contribution these brand activations deliver to performance campaigns and conversions.

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