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SEA roundtable: Marketing leaders bare their best strategies in customer acquisition, retention for the post-pandemic

Shaina Teope | May 25, 2022-13

Last April 20, MARKETECH APAC, with Braze, gathered marketing leaders in SEA to discuss brands' strategies in customer acquisition and retention in the post-pandemic.

MARKETECH APAC webinar discusses how loyalty strategies will drive greater returns in cookie-less world

Shaina Teope | May 17, 2022-13

Together with marketing leaders from SEA, the webinar discussed how loyalty marketing presents to be a viable solution in a world without cookies.

MARKETECH APAC webinar discusses why now’s the time to go multiplatform in social advertising

Shaina Teope | Apr 25, 2022-13

Last April 6, we gathered marketing leaders from APAC to share with us how brands can thrive in social media advertising in 2022.

Marketing heads in APAC come together for a webinar to discuss social advertising in 2022

Shaina Teope | Apr 11, 2022-13

Marketing heads from the grocery, QSR, consumer goods, and tech space gathered to tackle how to win in social advertising this 2022.

This report tells you what you need to know about consumer perception towards social ads

Shaina Teope | Mar 18, 2022-13

‘Social Ads and Consumer Perception study – Singapore Edition’ aims to provide readers with the current behaviour and perception of Singaporean consumers towards social media and more specifically, in-feed ads. 

Explore the state of customer engagement in 2022

MARKETECH APAC | Feb 16, 2022-13

The bar for consumer engagement has been significantly raised over an amplified digital activity. Let this report be your guide as you strategize to be up to par.

Brands, conquer the Malaysian market with this all-embracing local consumer report

MARKETECH APAC | Feb 10, 2022-13

The consumer has been transformed by the pandemic in a multitude of ways. This - right here - is your over-arching, definitive guide to the Malaysian market.

What’s NEXT: Why brands must adopt a multi-platform strategy for social advertising

Shaina Teope | Jan 28, 2022-13

With social media transforming the purpose it serves to users, brands can't just anymore look at singly each platform. This is what you must do instead this 2022.

What’s NEXT: Why marketers need DXP more than ever in 2022

Don Lee | Dec 9, 2021-13

The present time has pressed for the crucial importance of digitization, but where do you actually start? The latest on our What's NEXT series - we talk about why marketers should consider adopting a DXP, moreover, a composable DXP.

Spotlight: MY-based digital agency on crafting immersive campaigns and the future of AR/VR in marketing

Shaina Teope | Nov 23, 2021-13

For the newest episode of MARKETECH Spotlight, we conversed with Malaysia-based digital agency Unicom Interactive Digital to give us a peek at what goes behind developing immersive campaigns as well as what to expect in the future of AR and VR in marketing.