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The exception: Hearing from a Russian global brand in a sea of corporate boycotts

Shaina Teope | Jun 27, 2022-6595

We've been following the wave of corporate boycotts against Russia since the start of war, but now, we hear out from a Russian ally that continues to do business across the world. Check it out.

What’s NEXT: The top personalization strategy for the increasingly nuanced consumer

MARKETECH APAC | Dec 16, 2021-6595

During MARKETECH APAC's panel discussion on the future of digital marketing, marketing leaders from the airline, imaging, and F&B industry unanimously agree on the top strategy brands must adopt in personalization to stay above the fast changes this pandemic.

MARKETECH APAC’s Top 5 Stories for November: A Disney veteran joins local Filipino live streaming platform

MARKETECH APAC | Dec 1, 2021-6595

This month, we saw a homegrown live streaming platform in PH nabbing a veteran from none other than content and media giant, Disney. Take a look at the other stories that topped this month's charts.

Behind eye-catching 11.11 discounts: The silent flak over Shopee’s 11.11 ad ft. Jackie Chan

Shaina Teope | Nov 14, 2021-6595

Free delivery, cashbacks, large price slashes: the shimmering offers this 11.11 by Shopee didn't stop others - both pros and mass audience - from noticing the fault in the e-commerce's latest ad.

Marketing experts, creatives majorly thumb down Shopee’s latest 11.11 ad ft. Jackie Chan

Shaina Teope | Nov 1, 2021-6595

The marketing and ad leaders said it was not the first time the top e-commerce 'disappointed' with an ad.

K-pop brand ambassadors: Are they the new ‘upmarket’ or a ‘relevancy’ ploy?

Teddy Cambosa | Jul 5, 2021-6595

On our first-ever 'The Inner State' feature series, we've talked to four industry leaders on their thoughts and insights on the rise of K-pop brand ambassadors.

‘Add to home screen’: Is developing a Progressive Web App the right move for your platform?

MARKETECH APAC | Mar 31, 2021-6595

Building a PWA benefits both users and developers, but is it really the best move for your platform?

Engagement and reach: The potentials of augmented reality app development

MARKETECH APAC | Feb 18, 2021-6595

Jumping on the AR tech can be intimidating, but braving your way to it can lead to deeper engagement with consumers.

AirAsia PH’s head of marketing on beginnings, failures and successes, and top advice for budding marketers

Shaina Teope | Feb 8, 2021-6595

Allenie Caccam shares profound advice on marketing, leadership, and what it takes to thrive in the cutthroat industry.

#MARKETECHMondays: Dabs Castillo, Co-Managing Director, M2.0 Communications

Shaina Teope | Nov 30, 2020-6595

Before Dabs became a strategic leader of one of the leading digital communications agencies in the Philippines, he was a "writing mercenary." Find out how he made the inspiring transition.