Adtech Quantcast expands offering on its educational program for digital marketers

Jean Cabico - February 1, 2022

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Singapore – Global adtech firm Quantcast has launched additional modules for its free global educational program, Quantcast Academy. These additional courses will provide marketers with an understanding of ongoing developments in data privacy, identity, and the deprecation of third-party cookies.

Quantcast Academy, which was launched in September 2021, provides an array of online learning modules and a full certification program to help understand the language, tools, and processes of the digital advertising ecosystem, including concepts such as how artificial intelligence works and its increasingly integral role in marketing strategy. It is part of a larger effort by Quantcast to nurture and train a new generation of talent for the advertising ecosystem, preparing young professionals for an increasingly digital-first world.

‘The Digital Advertising: Privacy and Identity’ module will help marketers understand the foundations of the privacy and identity landscape, from industry standards to cookieless environments, while ‘The Quantcast Platform: Future-Proofing the Platform’ module will explain how Quantcast is adapting to the evolving privacy and identity environment with new cookieless capabilities.

Quantcast Academy will be offering certifications in both digital advertising and the Quantcast Platform, which is built on a foundation of privacy and can be used to plan, activate, and measure advertising campaigns in cookieless environments today. 

Andrew Double, Quantcast’s managing director for APAC, shared that as the media industry continues to evolve, developments within complex topics such as data privacy and identity may be challenging to keep up with.

“The new privacy modules in the Quantcast Academy aim to simplify these important elements within digital advertising, and help marketers better prepare for the future,” said Double.

Quantcast said that beyond well-known data privacy legislation, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there has been a steep increase in the introduction of data privacy laws in recent years which has prompted brands, agencies, and publishers to adjust their marketing and advertising strategies.