Consumer Insights Power-Up 2022

Consumer insights have always been part of one’s company’s success in any stage of brand maturity. Whether launching a new product, brands’ perception, competitors analysis or other market analyses that brands should be aware of, market research has been instrumental to getting the right foundation for brands’ marketing objectives.

But the question is, how do brands get ready and enhance their agility to prepare for the worst – market competition, PR crisis or economic downfall.

MARKETECH APAC gathers marketing leaders to shed light on the effective and proven consumer insights approaches to get your brand powered up this year and beyond.

The Future of Marketing: Loyalty-led strategies in a cookie-less world

Deeper insight into customers and prospects has been top of mind for data-driven marketers, especially with the imminent deprecation of third party cookies looming. Bold marketers have been looking for the keys to fuel delight and also address the first-party data imperative. So how have they done it?

Join us as we break down why they looked to loyalty experts to guide the way, and how you can build this powerful approach into your own customer experience strategy.

Social Advertising Trends in APAC 2022

Brands in the Asia-Pacific region have required more agility in the past two years due to the many disruptions made by the pandemic, including the ever-changing consumer behaviour.

Consumers have a lot of choices on how they want to consume content across the various social media channels, and new formats are shifting user attention. With more people turning to social media at every step of their consumer journey, digital advertising has become critical in APAC, providing brands with an opportunity to connect with their customers and build meaningful customer relationships.

In this webinar, we will uncover the key social advertising opportunities in the region and identify the vital and proven strategies to recalibrate brands’ social advertising approaches to the current trends.

What’s NEXT: Digital Marketing in the Philippines

With 2022 around the corner, newer digital marketing trends that emerged during the pandemic have now grown to become the norm. This begs the question – what’s next for the industry?

With highly engaging content and experiences becoming a top preference of consumers in the digital age, brands and advertisers now want to discover the ‘next big thing’ to propel their campaigns that would effectively deliver their value and draw consumers in.

What’s NEXT: Digital Marketing in the Philippines aims to equip marketers with actionable insights and expert guidance on how they can future-proof their digital marketing strategies.

Creative & Media Innovation in Asia | Preparing your brand for a cookieless world

Cookies have long been the cornerstone of audience targeting in the digital advertising space. But time is running out for this privacy-invading technique as Google Chrome will finally phase out third-party cookies after this year, joining the likes of other major browser makers like Safari and Firefox. The future of the Internet seeks to uphold privacy protection without impacting the efficacy of paid advertising. These impending changes will shake up the entire industry and are already creating radical shifts to ad tracking methods.

The webinar discussed the new approaches in this space, especially for how innovations in programmatic creatives and media will continue to drive performance in the new environment. It also shed light on how brands in the Southeast Asia region are already preparing for a privacy-first internet.

Asia-Pacific Outlook 2021 | Reimagining your higher education web strategy

As the pace of change within higher education continues to accelerate, institutions face increased pressure to drive enrolment and retention. The coronavirus pandemic is compounding this pressure as both current and prospective students rethink whether, when, and where they should attend. And with the student and campus experience increasingly taking place online, higher ed institutions have to place higher importance on delivering an outstanding digital experience to both prospective and current students.

Whether you’re looking to boost enrolment, improve student retention, inspire, educate, or engage learners, your website plays a critical role. Prepare for the challenge with an inside look at how other institutions are adapting their digital strategy.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Asia-Pacific Outlook 2021: Higher Ed’s biggest challenges and opportunities
  • Key digital strategies to drive enrolment and retention
  • How to maintain agility to overcome common industry pain points
  • How colleges and universities are adapting and evolving their website and digital experience
  • Recruiting and retaining international students during Covid and beyond

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