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What’s NEXT 2023 Conference: How marketing leaders take a 360º-journey to grow their customers

Maureen Basa | Mar 24, 2023

Stickybeak, FlowerStore.ph, and Kaspersky's session provided insights on how to boost brands’ knowledge of target markets for regional expansion in 2023.

What’s NEXT 2023 Conference: panda ads’ advertising head discusses what’s next in the cookieless strategy in 2023

Shaina Teope | Mar 17, 2023

On Day 2 of the conference, What’s NEXT 2023: Marketing in Asia Pacific, panda ads' Toni Ruotanen brings back our ears to the ground as he discusses the consensus, so far, on the cookieless strategy.

What’s NEXT 2023: Connected cars driving growth of media tech platforms

Sharon Soh | Mar 9, 2023

This expert insight under What's NEXT 2023 discusses how the scope of connected cars is seen to go beyond conventional use to become a key interface for a range of industries looking to provide services to consumers.

MARKETECH APAC’s first-ever hybrid industry conference tackles what’s next for various marketing facets

Teddy Cambosa | Mar 6, 2023

MARKETECH APAC's "What's NEXT 2023" conference tackled a wide range of marketing topics that marketers can use to empower their marketing strategies this 2023 and be equipped with future-proof brand directions.

What’s NEXT Interview: Zuellig Pharma’s Preetham Nadig discusses elevating digital experience

Shaina Teope | Mar 6, 2023

As part of the What's NEXT Interview Series of MARKETECH APAC, Zuellig Pharma shared its insights on digital experience innovation.

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