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Symphony Technology Group launches new extended detection, response provider, Trellix

Jean Cabico | Jan 19, 2022-35

Trellix seeks to provide businesses with an accelerating technology innovation through machine learning and automation.

Finder welcomes David Meier as new global VP of product design

Jean Cabico | Jan 19, 2022-35

David Meier will be assisting Finder as it continues to roll out new products and services, focusing on Web 3.0.

CXM platform Alida ties with Rybbon for enhanced customer engagement

Jean Cabico | Jan 19, 2022-35

The latest partnership between Alida and Blackhawk's Rybbon aims to provide clients with the ability to grow engagement.

AnalogFolk launches new consultancy ‘Mindworks Consulting’

Teddy Cambosa | Jan 19, 2022-35

'Mindworks Consulting' is built within the client and strategy foundations of the AnalogFolk Group globally.

Databricks launches new data lakehouse for retailers and consumer good customers

Teddy Cambosa | Jan 14, 2022-35

Databricks Lakehouse for Retail allows retailers and consumer goods clients have a centralized solution for their data management.

Anzu, Ubisoft extend in-game advertising partnership

Teddy Cambosa | Jan 14, 2022-35

Anzu has brought several big-name brands into Ubisoft's titles, including Samsung, Microsoft, American Eagle, and Vodafone.

Ex-Olay exec Hyoeun Kim appointed as VP for LG Electronics Global Marketing Center

Jean Cabico | Jan 13, 2022-35

Former Olay executive Hyoeun Kim will leverage her brand-building expertise in her new role at LG Electronics Marketing Center.

Nnenna Ilomechina is dentsu International’s new global chief operating officer

Teddy Cambosa | Jan 12, 2022-35

Nnenna Ilomechina brings in to dentsu International over 20 years of market-leading digital and transformation experience.

Indonesian logistics company J&T Express sets foot in UAE, Saudi Arabia market

Teddy Cambosa | Jan 7, 2022-35

This expansion by J&T Express to UAE and Saudi Arabia marks their first presence in the Middle East market.

Social advertising SaaS platform acquires

Teddy Cambosa | Jan 6, 2022-35

Said acquisition advances’s cross-channel reach from social to now include dynamic creative optimization across programmatic, CTV and the entire Google ecosystem in

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