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YoloFoods ties with impact.com to scale its affiliate, influencer marketing initiative

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Singapore – YoloFoods, a healthy food delivery service in Singapore and Malaysia, has partnered with impact.com, a partnership management platform, to accelerate its affiliate and influencer marketing initiative – ‘YoloFoods Health & Wellness Programme’. 

Targeting healthy food junkies, the programme aims to incentivise and equip community ambassadors with information and resources on leading a healthy lifestyle.

In order to inspire and motivate more consumers to make healthy lifestyle changes across Singapore and Malaysia, the YoloFoods Health & Wellness Programme onboards affiliates and content creators on a commission-based reward system, to share reliable Health & Wellness information and offers with their respective audiences. To roll this out at scale, YoloFoods is leveraging the vast network of affiliates and influencers which impact.com provides.

Yolofoods said that as managing influencers and affiliates at scale requires many manual steps and reconciliation, having a robust platform like impact.com that automates contracting, tracking, payouts to affiliates, and data consolidation will help the platform to make more informed business decisions.

Alex Bauduin, CEO of YoloFoods, noted nutrition and wellness have always been a point of passion for them, and they’re excited to kickstart this strategic partnership with impact.com.

“This launch will not only allow us to make a positive mark on our local community, but is also an opportunity for YoloFoods to further scale our brand growth and customer acquisition in the region and increase our ROAS by tapping into the wider network of consumers while expanding beyond our existing channels,” said Bauduin.

Meanwhile, Antoine Gross, impact.com’s general manager for SEA, commented, “We are thrilled to be partnering with YoloFoods on this initiative. Great collaborations are a result of a common goal and shared values, and we look forward to helping YoloFoods grow their e-commerce business in Singapore and Malaysia and helping improve the wellness of local communities. 

“Joining a growing group of brands in the region who are finding success through affiliate partnerships, YoloFoods will be able to reach their target audience in an effective way while rewarding the affiliates who help make it happen,” Gross said.

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