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MARKETECH APAC Reels: Marketing in the Metaverse

MARKETECH APAC Reels: Marketing in the Metaverse
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With the metaverse industry expanding at a rapid pace much like existing digital trends nowadays, brands and marketers are utilising this new digital realm to create and improve their relationships with their customers–both new and existing. For the third and final instalment of MARKETECH APAC Reels: The Metaverse series, the third episode titled ‘Marketing in the Metaverse‘ discusses features within the metaverse that brands can use to their advantage to upscale business or find new channels to communicate with their customers.

The three-part series first opened with a discussion on the general overview of the metaverse–including the origins and birth of the metaverse space, existing foundations such as non-fungible tokens (NFT), blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, the second episode tackled the fundamentals of the metaverse scene, including what is new in the platform, the various opportunities and endeavours brands can expect, and how to utilise them.

As mentioned previously, it is no stranger to us that the metaverse is rapidly growing, thanks to hundreds of millions of dollars invested by entities to create their own metaverse offering or launch campaigns and retention strategies in the metaverse. But what exactly do brands and marketers should expect from the metaverse? And how exactly can they utilise this new space to their advantage? This is what episode three, the last of this series, will tackle.

In this last episode, we’ve sat down with experts and experienced leaders belonging to the marketing, and metaverse spaces to learn more about how to market your brand to the right audience in the metaverse. Furthermore, the latest episode tackles the type of environment and narrative that consumers and/or brands want in their metaverse experience, the challenges that marketers may face throughout their metaverse journey, as well as the potential possibilities brands can use to improve the branded metaverse experience, ranging from diverse avatar usage to gamification.

To sum up, no sky’s the limit for brands and marketers to let their creative methodologies be applied in the metaverse.

To learn more about the marketing opportunities and challenges in the metaverse, head on to the video to learn more.

Hear from Joe Peng, APAC chief digital officer of BCW Global; Zoe Cocker, head of innovation and Creative Studio at Yahoo; and Cheelip Ong, regional chief creative officer and chief product officer at Lion & Lion.

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