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What are the most common lost-and-found items amongst Uber cars in HK?

What are the most common lost-and-found items amongst Uber cars in HK?
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Hong Kong – Global transport company Uber has launched its newest index which details some of the most common lost-and-found items amongst Uber cars in Hong Kong, conducted across multiple Uber drivers in Hong Kong.

In 2022, phones and wallets remain the most commonly forgotten items. In addition, the index also shows a surge in the number of lost jewellery items, including wedding rings, a Audemars Piguet® watch and a Tiffany heart pendant.

As cashless payments become increasingly popular not thanks to the pandemic, riders have left behind 60% less cash in Ubers this year. Meanwhile, 1 January is crowned the most forgetful day of the year in 2022 and Hongkongers tend to be more forgetful on Fridays – with most laptops left behind on this day as well.

The index also showed that people are relaxed when the weekend starts and tend to forget their valuables. Among the 18 districts, riders in Yau Tsim Mong are the most forgetful, followed by Central and Wan Chai.

“Hongkongers are always on the go, and you will be surprised what’s supposed to be kept in their bags. Parents and caretakers are leaving behind kid items like a dimple fidget toy and a cute pink bunny soft toy, the astrologer who tried to escape the mercury retrograde left behind a string of pink crystal, a winner who lost in the game of lost & found left behind a crystal trophy, and a Calbee fan left behind a Calbee Hot & Spicy Potato Chips tote bag,” the company said, explaining some of the most unique items left by customers.

The index also encourages its customers to always call their driver if they lost items in the car they booked. If they lost their phone on the Uber itself, customers can log in to their account on their computer and contact customer support.

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