Uber HK’s latest campaign reminds Hongkongers that travelling should not be stressful


Hong Kong – Ridesharing platform Uber in Hong Kong has launched its all-new Uber Taxi ‘Go your way, Live your way’ marketing campaign, aimed at empowering Hongkongers to focus on unlocking meaningful and joyful moments as Uber Taxi takes care of their travelling needs. 

As part of the campaign, heartwarming and joyful photographs of Uber Taxi riders going to places and making the most of their everyday lives will dominate the streets in Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok. Uber Taxi’s classic white chevron stripes will also be painted on billboards and taxis across town.

Moreover, Uber has released two campaign videos that resonate with busy go-getters’ life moments. The first 20-second video shows four white-collar ladies rushing to an evening concert after work but hit with the reality of rush hour – the desperate moment when you need to hail a taxi but have no control when you will get one. Right when the group starts panicking that they will not make it on time, one of them books an Uber Taxi.

Meanwhile, the second video shows a typical parent scrambling to get everything prepared for their child’s birthday on a rainy day after work. As the father worries about getting a Taxi in the rain, the mother confidently shows her booked and enroute Uber Taxi, meaning her husband can relax as everything else is sorted – the cake and a present. The couple not only makes it on time to their little girl’s birthday party but are in control of their journey home at the touch of a button with Uber Taxi.

At the same time, Uber has released a survey of over 1,500 riders which reveals nine out of 10 respondents say that Uber Taxi helps give them more control over their trips and daily schedules, and eight out of 10 riders describe their Uber Taxi experiences as ‘generally quite good’ and ‘it’s so amazing I use it frequently’.

The survey also found that respondents the top three ways they use Uber Taxi, ‘for returning home’ was ranked first with 64.4%, followed by ‘for going to work or school’ with 49.8%, and ‘for dining out and social gatherings’ with 38.9%. About 54.2% of the riders also said that not having to factor in whether a taxi is a cross-harbour one or not, or whether they need a taxi during shift change period, is why they prefer to book an Uber Taxi ride instead of hailing a cab on the street.

Uber Hong Kong said, “‘Go your way, Live your way’ aims to inspire riders to reimagine what living life to the fullest can mean as Uber Taxi gives riders the control they need for their daily commute. New Uber Taxi users who want a taste of what stress-free travel means on Uber Taxi can now use promo code TAXI2022 to get 50% off their first five Uber Taxi rides.”

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