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This Thai ad for a skincare brand openly ‘admits’ to not able to understand teenagers

This Thai ad for a skincare brand openly ‘admits’ to not able to understand teenagers
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Bangkok, Thailand – In spite of hours of research and profile-building, advertising and brand marketers aren’t always able to get it right. This is the message the latest ad for skincare brand Clean & Clear brings to its Thai audience, delivered in a quirky and straightforward way.

Conceptualised alongside BBDO Bangkok, the ad starts by featuring all the things advertisers expect teens to like: slang, rap music, vibrant streetwear, and skateboards. Then the twist appears, revealing that the ad doesn’t appeal to and get teens at all, but the product does. 

Prior to the campaign release on June the 15th, BBDO Bangkok also released content further highlighting the topic that it doesn’t understand teenagers. From a social post that claims to get you, an Instagram filter that you just want to mock, to a new esports skin that you don’t know what to make of.

Speaking on the campaign release, Thasorn Boonyanate, chief creative officer at BBDO Bangkok, said, “Let’s not pretend that we understand this new generation of kids and admit that we don’t, by making an ad that doesn’t understand them at all. Thai teenagers love brands that speak sincerely to them, who aren’t afraid to make fun of themselves.”

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