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Storyly’s mobile content format, Stories, launches in APAC

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Singapore – Storyly, a user engagement platform based in the United States, is now available in APAC, helping marketers in the region achieve user engagement goals in their mobile apps and websites through the mobile content format – Stories.

Storyly Stories, by nature, provide mobile apps with an opportunity to communicate any message interactively without interrupting the experience and empower lifecycle marketing strategies from discovery to purchase and beyond to loyalty and advocacy. 

By using Storyly Stories, marketers can make use of advanced personalisation, targeting, content-automation capabilities, monetisation via Google AdMob or Ad Manager, and various interactive features such as polls, quizzes, countdowns, and call-to-action buttons to deliver a much more captivating mobile experience. 

Moreover, aiming to provide video-centric capabilities and help gather users’ attention starting from the discovery level without compromising the app’s performance and any media hosting cost, Storyly empowers its customers with interactive shoppable videos. With its intuitive studio and dashboard, Storyly also makes creating engaging content that fits the style and design of any mobile app and website effortless. 

Emre Fadillioglu, Storyly’s CEO, said that losing a user acquired is very costly in comparison to user retention and that brands have to get even more creative with how they engage with their users to avoid such a cost.

“On top of all, attention is a scarce resource today. So, marketers have to take the experience beyond the limits of the mobile screen and build engaging, immersive, interactive, and personalized communication with consumers. That’s what Storyly is aiming for. Storyly brings the leading mobile content format, Stories, that we are all familiar with into mobile apps and websites. Actually, that’s the reason why we call it ‘the missing piece to deliver captivating experiences,” he added.

Fadillioglu continued to say that APAC is a promising market for Storyly as the app market in the region is blossoming. He noted, “Our growth journey in the region has kicked off from Thailand and Singapore as the key markets but we are definitely looking to extend our footprint across the region as we grow.”

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