MARKETECH APAC Reels: Pillars of The Metaverse

MARKETECH APAC Reels: Pillars of the Metaverse

In a bid to better shape up the understanding of the highly immersive digital reality that we’re witnessing now, that is, the metaverse, MARKETECH APAC began a series that dives deep into this futuristic space, and how the marketing community can best harness its powers and capabilities to the brim to make building groundbreaking experiences and engagement possible for their brand and business.

The three-part series first covers the basic understanding of the metaverse, then moves into identifying its most important pillars, and finally, for the big gun – how marketing fits into the overall ecosystem. 

Episode 2 – which talks about the building blocks of this omniscient space – has now been launched. 

In episode 1 in ‘The Birth of the Metaverse’, we talked about how we got from Web 1.0 to now Web 3.0 and what makes up this new iteration of the world wide web and the experiences and engagements this decentralised and open digital ecosystem promises us. 

We know that while the metaverse is invigorating and its brilliance is keeping us at the edge of our seats – it too can intimidate us into its larger-than-life reality. But what if we take it apiece, and break it down into just its most vital elements? This is what episode 2 of the Metaverse Series is all about. 

We’ve roped in experts and experienced leaders belonging to the marketing, NFT, and virtual reality spaces to help shed light on what makes up the metaverse world and the opportunities and experiences that it ought to offer; how we as the stakeholders, so to speak, of the free digital environment, is able to make the best out of it – either as consumers or producers in the space. 

In a nutshell, expect to see in the metaverse ‘New Humans, ‘New Space or Events’, and ‘New Objects’. 

To learn more about these indispensable entities in the metaverse, head on to the video to learn more.

Hear the expert insights of Joe Peng, APAC chief digital officer of BCW Global; Madhav Khandelwal, founder and CEO of DeMons, and Bell Beh, co-founder and CEO of BuzzAR

Watch our space as we release the final episode of the series – ‘Marketing in The Metaverse’

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