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cacaFly launches Web3 marketing ecosystem to empower brands, agencies

Maureen Basa - February 6, 2023

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Taipei, Taiwan Digital agency cacaFly has launched its Web3 Marketing development ecosystem, a comprehensive network of technology solutions that can be utilized as a full solution to empower brands and agencies in Taiwan. 

This was first unveiled through the ‘2022 DigiAsia: Web3 Rhapsody’ conference held in Taipei in November, which explored how world-class software companies and marketers are turning Web3 into practical applications.

In his presentation at DigiAsia, cacaFly’s Ecosystem Development Advisor Yan Lee explained that because of the sophistication of Taiwan’s technology solution, it is the best location in Asia for launching a Web3 project.

Moreover, the cacaFly ecosystem has partners specialising in all the key areas of Web3 marketing, such as the metaverse, cryptocurrency, NFT, immersive entertainment, gaming, and AR/VR spaces.

“Since late 2021, cacaFly has been bombarded with Web3-related inquiries from Taiwan clients. Brands know that this is the direction, but are unsure what exactly they should be doing, what’s out there, and how they can actualize it,” said Yves Huang, CEO at cacaFly.

He added, “We are confident that Taiwan has the best in terms of technology, and are now looking to help brand partners weave it all together to create something remarkable.”

Previously, cacaFly has also entered a partnership with Google Cloud for the launch of the Cloud AI+ Solution Center in Taiwan.