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cacaFly, Google Cloud partner up to launch Cloud AI+ Solution Center in Taiwan

cacaFly, Google Cloud partner up to launch Cloud AI+ Solution Center in Taiwan
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Taipei, Taiwan – Local digital marketing agency cacaFly and Google Cloud have partnered up to launch Cloud AI+ Solution Center in Taiwan. This will help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation by offering Google Cloud Platform services for AI applications, data analysis, and cloud technology. 

Since 2011, cacaFly has partnered with Google to offer digital advertising solutions for industries such as retail, e-commerce, finance, technology, games, and media. This partnership has been taken to another level in 2022 with the establishment of the new Cloud AI+ Solution Center, which will integrate data analytics, market-leading cloud technology, and Google Cloud Platform AI services and consulting.

The agency envisions this expansion into cloud services through the Google Cloud AI+ Solution Center will help give customers reduce costs, accelerate business decision-making, and anticipate market demands and unforeseen opportunities.

In addition, the partnership with Google Cloud will be the foundation of a marketing and enterprise ecosystem that incorporates marketing, data analytics, and cloud technology. In order to realise this vision, the company is actively recruiting related talents, including cloud architects, cloud engineers, cloud data consultants, and cloud project managers.

Nathan Chiu, CEO of cacaFly, said, “cacaFly has the utmost confidence to lead Taiwan’s talent and forge a complete marketing and enterprise ecosystem, which together with our partners, can go beyond Taiwan’s borders and be competitive on the global stage.”

Meanwhile, Tony Hsieh, country director for Google Cloud in Taiwan, commented, “Companies on their digital transformation journey need to strive for competitive advantages in digital marketing. The Google Cloud platform’s data analysis, AI, and machine learning solutions are necessary tools to help corporations realise their digital transformation, accelerate business decision-making and become more agile and adaptable.”

He added, “I am overjoyed cacaFly is partnering with Google Cloud in the establishment of the Cloud AI+ Solution Center. We are looking forward to providing cacaFly customers with complete solutions that will aid their 360-degree digital transformation.”

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