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Audience Precision unveils tech platform to provide full media strategy guidance

Audience Precision unveils tech platform to provide full media strategy guidance
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Sydney, Australia – Media consultancy and technology business Audience Precision has unveiled its technology platform called ‘Precise360®’, which provides a full media strategy guidance system, enhances the entire marketing process, and improves agency efficiency, all of which can be applied globally. 

For Audience Precision clients, Precise360® will deliver quality improvement, greater audience connection and engagement, attention scores for video, faster campaign builds, integrated metric calculators, a global process, among others.

According to Haydon Bray, CEO at Audience Precision, the platform gives their clients more time to think and craft match-winning campaigns and their less experienced team members a genuine fast-track to their skills development.

“With so much media diversification, client budgets don’t stretch as far as they used to. Audiences are still there but you need to work harder, smarter, faster and with more agility to find them and genuinely engage. Precise360® allows us to eliminate the guesswork by weaponising insight, bringing qualified customers to the top of the sales funnel. We can instantly compare the effect of a TV program versus a radio session, a Facebook post or an OOH panel and everything in between,” Bray said.

The company has spent the past seven years building a suite of proprietary tools and refining the technology platform, including attention scores for video, with its inhouse team of technologists and data scientists, with a view to building a new model for the agency of the future to achieve faster and more successful business outcomes for brands, with qualified and future customers.

Bray added, “We have created something, from what we are aware, that multinational media agencies have been unable to do, anywhere in the world. I began this journey because I was frustrated by cumbersome and slow processes that have prevented agencies implementing the core marketing fundamentals for campaign development. I wanted to create something that removed menial tasks, had inbuilt quality control around marketing fundamentals, could operate from anywhere, and used the principles of focussed optimisation for a great user experience.”

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