This ad for an Aussie writing festival honours literature’s famed passages–using AI artwork

This ad for an Aussie writing festival honours literature’s famed passages–using AI artwork

Melbourne, Australia – The Melbourne Writers Festival has teamed up with creative agency TBWA\Melbourne to launch a new campaign which aims to develop a collection of AI artwork, created by inputting humanity’s most imaginative writing, word for word, into AI. 

The art project campaign arrives following the launch of AI Mid Journey, an AI bot that turns written prompts into artwork. The technology has initiated an intense worldwide debate on what AI-generated imagery means for the future of art. 

To create the unique art pieces, passages from classic works of literature from literary icons Mary Shelley, Herman Melville, H.G. Wells, Bram Stoker and George Orwell were inserted verbatim into the AI Mid Journey. Each breathtaking visual stands as a timely reminder of the enduring power of the written word.

Casselly Main, marketing and communications manager at Melbourne Writers Festival, said, “This year’s festival is all about ambition and this campaign is the perfect encapsulation. We’re ecstatic about the response the images had at the festival. Even though most of these books were written over a hundred years ago, their words continue to inspire today.” 

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for TBWA\Melbourne commented, “Like most of the industry, when we first saw Mid Journey, we experienced a momentary existential crisis. “What does this mean for creativity? Is it now out of human hands?” The short answer is no, far from it.”

They added, “AI like Mid Journey are an incredible creative tool. Even in the past weeks, we’ve seen huge leaps in visualisation, composition and lighting. But our partnership with the Melbourne Writers Festival shows the strength of beautiful writing — past, present and future.”

The campaign was launched in conjunction with the Melbourne Writers Festival appearing in OOH and digital. In addition, illustrated e-books of the classic novels, featuring further AI interpretations, are planned for release in the coming months. 

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