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Bybit launches special pillow to prompt quality sleep amongst traders

Bybit launches special pillow to prompt quality sleep amongst traders
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Singapore – Global cryptocurrency exchange Bybit has launched a new special pillow, a first of its kind, in a bid to raise awareness to cryptocurrency traders to get quality sleep despite the ‘market never sleeps’.

The pillow launch is accompanied by the launch of a rap video, full with meme references related to cryptocurrency and trading of it.

The campaign, conceptualised by TBWA\Group Singapore, focuses on the fact that due to the decentralised nature of cryptocurrencies, the markets are not managed by any authority in any specific time zone – they remain open to traders all over the world, hence a large majority of these traders never sleep.

Data from The Sleep Judge states that traders are kept awake at night due to stresses about market crashes; learning more about investments; worrying about the disappearances of cryptocurrency and missing the next big thing. The data also noted that almost 70% of non-investors reported to enjoy good to excellent sleep quality versus around 63% of those who did invest in cryptocurrency. 

Speaking on campaign execution, Asheen Naidu, executive creative director at TBWA\Singapore, said, “We wanted to change these data points and create a solution to the problem of sleep deprivation among traders. Moon Pillow is the answer. Users can program their pillow to provide vibration alerts when their selected cryptocurrencies experience price swings larger than five percent.”

He added, “To become attractive to the audience, we delved deep into crypto cohort culture to find unique ways to drive excitement for the campaign – from different activation touchpoints, through to the distinct language and meme aesthetics commonly seen on online message boards. It is an exciting product which intends to provide traders with an excellent quality of sleep, and a sound mind that can help them take their investments to the moon.”

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