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Stellar Ace unveils digital avatar influencers WINKmets

Stellar Ace unveils digital avatar influencers WINKmets
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Singapore – Stellar Ace, the media and digital arm of Stellar Lifestyle, has unveiled its digital avatar influencers called WINKmets, which will promote creative content generation with the latest trends and happenings in Singapore.

The digital influencers are launched to mark Singapore’s 57th National Day.

The WINKmets includes Cashie Greeny, Shopper Pinky, Chef Reddy, and Gamer Bluey; these curious and adventurous explorers will feature across the island in Stellar Ace’s Home, Travel, Eat, Shop, Play (HTESP) consumer daily touchpoint ecosystem.

According to Stellar Ace, working with the WINKmets as influencers, partners and advertisers can create customisable and engaging content for Stellar Ace’s social media platforms, and their extensive digital out-of-home network, consisting of 6000 screens. 

“That’s targeted engagement to 35 million eyeballs every week. On top of this, there is direct engagement with the WINK+ App’s 220,000-user base. This is a cost-effective and streamlined way for brand exposure,” the company stated.

Meanwhile, Jeslyn Tan, managing director at Stellar Ace, commented, “This is an opportunity to change how we engage the public, in a way that’s more personable, conversational, and out of the box. Each of these WINKmets represent our audience. They are as amusing as they are relatable. This is us creatively repositioning ourselves to deliver a connected online and offline engagement experience for brand messaging and product content sharing.”

The WINKmets will share their personality and stories with artificial intelligence voices modelled after SMRT staffs that had been identified through an internal voice search campaign in June 2022. 

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