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Customer engagement MoEngage unveils four new solutions including personalisation suite

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The Philippines –  Customer engagement platform MoEngage announced today the launch of four new solutions targeted at brands in the SEA region.  ‘MoEngage Inform’, ‘Web Personalisation’, ‘Google Ads Integration’, and ‘App Marketplace’ are now added to the platform’s product line-up. 

The MoEngage Inform aims to make brands’ transactional alert management seamless so they can focus more on delivering cohesive and time-sensitive messages to their consumers. Meanwhile, the personalisation suite is expected to help brands personalise their website with a visual, drag-and-drop builder, without a line of code by tapping into AI automation and actionable insights.

Moreover, the Google Ads Network Integration aims to enable marketers to acquire customers and re-engage existing customers on the world’s largest ad network, based on behaviour. This will also help brands reach out to selected cohorts and match their interests across Google Search, Google Shopping, Gmail, YouTube, and the extended Google Ad Network.

Lastly, MoEngage’s App Marketplace is for marketing, growth, and product teams to discover the right set of platforms and integrations that fits their needs. This aims to help brands build a modern tech stack and ramp up their customer engagement efforts.

“As organizations grow, their customer engagement needs become more complex. With the recent product launches, MoEngage aims to empower product, marketing, and growth teams to build memorable experiences and drive impact on LTV and customer retention,” said Raviteja Dodda, CEO and co-founder of MoEngage.

MoEngage has been in the customer engagement space since 2014, partnering with brands like WhatsApp, Microsoft, and theAsianparent.

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