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SCMP Advertising launches ‘Stories’ feature to enhance reader, advertiser experience

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Hong Kong – The South China Morning Post (SCMP), the global news company that reports on China and Asia, has launched ‘Stories’, a snackable format of editorial content that serves to offer advertisers a premium and high-impact experience. ‘Stories’ builds upon SCMP Advertising’s strapline of ‘Content that Connects’, which was launched in the previous quarter of the year, and is a demonstration of its pledge to deliver quality editorial and commercial content fueled by the storytelling creativity of its consummate editorial team. 

Making its debut on the Style AMP site, ‘Stories’ weds the needs of users to discover personalised and tailored content with that of advertising brands to identify and engage with STYLE audience members in a seamless manner. STYLE is SCMP’s multimedia online portal for luxury lifestyle. 

SCMP said the new ‘Stories’ opens up new pockets of growth for advertisers as STYLE boasts an active monthly user rate that is north of 6 million (as of 2021) who are voracious consumers of high net worth lifestyle and pop culture content. 

“The new ‘Stories’ feature for STYLE is an incredibly exciting way for us to surface and recirculate content for discovery and consumption in a highly optimised manner. This increases the ROI of our clients’ investments while enhancing the experience of their target audience, wherever they may be based in the world,” says James Durston, associate editorial director at SCMP’s STYLE and Specialist Publications Department

“Bridging the gap has always been our purpose as we make it our everyday mission to understand our users’ habits off platform, insights garnered from which would determine our strategy in matching brands with their key audience. The resulting increase in reach directly translates into a strengthened value proposition for both our clients and readers,” Durston added. 

Meanwhile, Timmy Bankole, director for advertising business operations at SCMP, commented, “The introduction of ‘Stories’ deepens our relationship with our users and boosts the ROI of our advertisers’ respective campaigns. What we will see is an immediate uptick in efficiency and engagement across metrics — I cannot wait to see this feature unveiled across our [on-platform] properties.”

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