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Pepsi’s new regional campaign captures authenticity of Gen Zs at home

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Singapore – In a big step of veering away from the typical family-around-the-dinner-table setting of beverage commercials, global cola brand Pepsi has launched a new APAC-wide campaign called, ‘This is a Pepsi Home’, which aims to incorporate a current social media vibe when it comes to the campaign’s food photography style.

The campaign, which was developed in collaboration with creative and media agency VaynerMedia, was all about capturing the way people eat in the comfort of their homes while binge-watching K-dramas or throwing fried chicken parties with friends. It kicks off with an anthem film, followed by a host of social media content, and TikTok activation, as well as OOHs, and sampling activities, amongst others.

According to Pepsi, based on the insight that people are their most authentic selves when they’re at home–hello, late-night instant noodles in pajamas, the campaign’s goal is to create a stronger association between Pepsi and meal moments. These moments might be messy, chaotic and imperfect, but that’s where Pepsi belongs.

Steve Romasanta, PepsiCo’s senior marketing director for Asia, said, “‘This is a Pepsi Home’ campaign speaks with our core Gen Z audience through an authentic and relatable lens. It’s not pretentious and is all about being at home with who you are, especially over mealtimes with Pepsi. We are thrilled about this launch, and look forward to many exciting online and offline activities as part of the campaign.”

Meanwhile, Krystle Morais, associate creative director at VaynerMedia APAC, stated, “Pepsi is a dream brand to work on, and we had a great strategy around people being their true selves at home. If you think about it, your home is one of the few places in the world where nobody can judge you. It’s also a state of mind! We felt like a lot of people could relate to that. We had so much fun tapping into our own personal experiences, bringing this campaign to life.”

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