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Oral care brand Darlie’s latest campaign spotlights beauty of East Malaysian art

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Oral care brand Darlie Malaysia kick-start its year-long project, #SemangatTogether, with Semangat Hari Raya, a musically driven piece that displays the spirit of Malaysians in conjunction with the Hari Raya celebrations, shot entirely in East Malaysia

The Art of Semangat, the second part of the #SemangatTogether campaign, features two artists from East Malaysia, Artsy Daphy and Lukis Tulis on their journeys of uniting the people of Sarawak and Sabah respectively through the power of art. Filmed over the span of two weeks in East Malaysia, the campaign showcases the creation of two mural pieces that encapsulate the spirit of East Malaysians, one situated in Kuching and the other in Kota Kinabalu, that is only made possible by the coming together of the people.

Artsy Daphy’s mural depicts the people of Sarawak being on the same boat and riding the waves together through thick and thin, symbolising the spirit of unity and togetherness that is shared between Sarawakians. On the other hand, Lukis Tulis’ interpretation of #SemangatTogether paints a colourful picture of Sabahans moving forward hand in hand towards a shared vision of peace, camaraderie and hope. The mural by Artsy Daphy is located at Bishopgate Rd, Kuching, Sarawak while Lukis Tulis’ piece can be found in ITCC, Penampang, Sabah. 

Ian Chew, the general manager of Darlie Malaysia, said, “It has been a tremendous pleasure working with Artsy Daphy and Lukis Tulis to bring The Art of Semangat to life, and on this journey together with them we saw just how united Malaysians actually are and how much beauty we can bring into this world simply by coming together and working towards a common goal. It truly manifested everything that the Darlie brand stands for, connections.”

Beyond the content pieces, #SemangatTogether also gives the Darlie Malaysia’s customers a chance to be part of the campaign through bespoke premiums. During the course of The Art Of Semangat campaign, specially designed plates featuring visual elements from the murals will be given to purchasers of the Darlie Double Action Twin Pack, allowing Malaysians to take home a piece of the one-of-its-kind murals. 

Ong Shi Ping, the Co-Owner and Chief Creative Officer of FCB Shout, which has been Darlie Malaysia’s creative agency and partner since 2019 said, “We may not all be artists or have the talent for fine arts, but what The Art of Semangat has proven is that what we have as Malaysians is the will to overcome our collective challenges together and the generosity to share our efforts… even if it’s just a tiny stroke of the brush. If we can continue doing this for one another, I’m certain our future will be as beautiful and bright as the murals in the video.“

The Art of Semangat was launched on 13 May 2022 via Darlie Malaysia’s YouTube and Facebook channels. The film has so far garnered well over 500,000 views. 

Ong Shi Ping, the Co-Owner and Chief Creative Officer of FCB Shout, which has been Darlie Malaysia’s creative agency and partner since 2019.

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