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MARKETECH APAC’s upcoming webinar to discuss how to future-proof brands’ event marketing strategies

MARKETECH APAC’s upcoming webinar to discuss how to future-proof brands’ event marketing strategies
  • The marketing industry faces frequent unprecedented changes, and it’s always a challenge to adapt to it. Lead or join the conversations in this 4-month knowledge-sharing festival, What’s NEXT 2023! Find out how!

Singapore – Events, following the height of the pandemic, are now putting a premium on the hybrid setup. Brands and marketers alike are utilising both the genuine tangibility of physical events and the widespread accessibility of digital events. For marketers, using a hybrid event model allows them to hit ‘two birds with one stone’ in terms of reaching out to their target audiences. 

There is a greater need for both brands and marketers to be equipped with the latest strategies and methodologies to effectively use their hybrid events for the success of their brand marketing.

With these in mind, MARKETECH APAC, the digital media for the marketing and advertising industry in APAC, and in partnership with Hubilo, is taking the lead to explore what makes events a commercial success: event-led communities and 365 communities. Happening on November 3, 2022, 2 PM (Singapore Time), the webinar ‘What’s NEXT 2023: Events in Asia Pacific’ aims to equip event planners and marketers with the latest trends and insights on how organisations can build engaging and sustainable events.

Through this event, MARKETECH APAC has gathered industry leaders to deep dive into the ecosystem of successful event planning for brands. Joining the discussion are Amit Wadhwa, chief executive officer at Dentsu Creative India; Milca Javier, head of marketing at Generali Philippines; Sophie Ahmed, senior vice president for market strategy at Hubilo; and Razlan Manjaji, director of global events at South China Morning Post.

The panellists will be sharing their views and insights on how brands and marketers create event-led communities, and test membership models, with engaging content. In addition, they will discuss what 365 communities are and how to build them to personalise events.

“Events have been the hardest hit when the pandemic struck, and just because things are now going back to normal, we can’t expect the event marketing landscape to be just the same when it was in its ideal shape. This industry event with Hubilo is so important because we’re not only going to revisit brands’ current event strategies, but we’re now revamping our playbooks to be future-ready as we unravel the impact of the collision of physical and virtual engagements,” commented Shaina Teope, MARKETECH APAC’s regional editor

Meanwhile, Sophie Ahmed, SVP for market strategy at Hubilo, commented, “With the digitization of events, marketers now have access to new ways to build their brand, to generate leads, to funnel these leads, to get closer to their prospects and customers and to gain deeper insight into the behaviours of their market. Events now, more than ever, can be used to drive pipelines, achieve greater insight and analytics and ultimately create more value for the customer. I’m really excited for this session where we will be covering all of this and more.”

The webinar, ‘What’s NEXT 2023: Events in Asia Pacific’, will be held on November 3, 2022, 2:00 pm SGT. Secure your spot at the webinar HERE.

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