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Globe’s 917Ventures to build telehealth super app off KonsultaMD, 2 other health apps

Globe’s 917Ventures to build telehealth super app off KonsultaMD, 2 other health apps
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Manila, Philippines – Three local healthtech companies–KonsultaMD, HealthNow, and AIDE–will be consolidating their services into one healthtech super-app in a bid to provide more accessible healthcare to Filipinos, led by Globe’s venture company 917Ventures.

The announcement was made in a recent company disclosure made by Globe Capital Venture Holdings to the country’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The new super-app will feature KonsultaMD’s teleconsultations, HealthNow’s medicine deliveries, and AIDE’s laboratory tests and home care, and combines a total of 2 million existing user base of these three companies. The super-app is set to go live by the first quarter of 2023.

Vince Yamat, managing director at 917Ventures, said, “This is a very important step for us to further grow KonsultaMD. We have long experienced the challenges and difficulties of healthcare in the Philippines and we intend to address those challenges. Our ambition is to democratise health services, making it as easily available and affordable to every Filipino regardless of where you are in the country.”

Meanwhile, Paolo Borromeo, president and CEO of AC Health, commented, “By combining the strengths of each of the three entities, I am excited to see the new KonsultaMD support AC Health’s vision of an integrated healthcare ecosystem. This combined digital team, supplemented by the network of services from AC Health, allows us all to be in a better position to provide much-needed access to quality healthcare services and medicines across the country, accelerating our goal of touching the lives of 1 in 5 Filipinos by 2030.”

Cholo Tagaysay, who has presided over KonsultaMD the past two years will be the CEO of the consolidated entity. Meanwhile, Beia Latay, who has served as HealthNow CEO over the past two years, will be COO of the new KonsultaMD.

Tagaysay said, “Consultations are at the top of the funnel. Consultations generate prescriptions which in turn generate lab requests. Now, we can fulfil all of these. We are a one-stop-shop for all your health needs.”

Meanwhile, Latay commented, “Our synergy creates a complete and simplified healthcare experience, spanning home, in-clinic and hospital.”

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