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Aussie carbon neutral telco Belong asks us to consider using refurbished phones

Aussie carbon neutral telco Belong asks us to consider using refurbished phones
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Sydney, Australia – Local carbon neutral telco Belong has launched a new campaign called ‘Second Life Phones’, an eco-friendly alternative to purchasing a brand-new device, powered by Kingfisher. 

The campaign, conceptualised by Howatson+Company, sources the best pre-owned smartphones, refurbishes them and offers them to value and environmentally conscious consumers at a considerable price.

All phones are restored by Kingfisher, across a multi-point check, ensuring full functionality and battery performance at about 80% minimum of new. The packaging is fully recycled and has been designed to provide the buyer with the same satisfaction of opening a brand-new device.

As part of the campaign, a film was launched which subverts the tropes of typical phone launches, gloriously showcasing an old man’s forehead instead of the tech, to ask the question ‘why not consider life on a refurbished phone, which can be used in the same way as a new one?’. 

Aaliah Eggins-Bryson, head of product and marketing at Belong, said, “Too many Australians believe mobile phones have no material impact on the environment than other things in their lives but in fact, every year, the world throws away around 44.7 million tonnes of tech. This is why we’ve launched Second Life Phones; because the most sustainable phone is the one that already exists.”

Meanwhile, Gavin Chimes, executive creative director at Howatson+Company, commented, “It has been amazing to work as partners with the brilliant Belong team to bring this program to life. We’re proud to be providing an alternative to unconscious tech upgrades. And when you consider what most of us use our phones for – brunch pics, baby spam, screaming goat videos – you probably won’t know the difference. But the planet will.”

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