Aussie telco Belong unveils new radio ad – ‘A Love Song to the Internet’

A love song to the Internet Belong

Australia – Belong, the carbon-neutral mobile and internet provider in Australia, has launched a new two-minute radio ad titled, ‘A Love Song to the Internet’, aimed at celebrating the joyful and unexpected wormholes the internet leads its users down.

The spot, which was created in collaboration with advertising agencies Howatson+Company and Eardrum, as well as musician Andy Hopkins, takes the form of a modern love song to the internet, journeying from facts about octopus flatulence to apps that help users speak Spanish. 

Kelly Schulz, Belong’s head of brand, communications, and culture, shared that the internet gets a bad rap sometimes, but it can be a wonderfully joyful, and exciting place, and from streaming hours of random content to joining forums about things that taste like blue, it’s where everyone belongs.

“As a telco that’s all about inclusivity and belonging, we felt compelled to sing about it with some wonderful  Australian musical talent,” said Schulz. 

Meanwhile, Jared Wicker and Elaine Li, Howatson+Company’s creative duo, said, “The internet has always been there for us all and this was our chance to work with Belong to return the favor for consumers with a light-hearted modern love song.”  

The campaign will be running across the national Nova, KISS, and Triple M networks in specially designed two-minute ad placements. 

In September this year, Belong, alongside Howatson+Company, also launched ‘The Book of Limbo’, an offline-online wormhole designed to keep Australians entertained while they set up their new phone.

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