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APAC brands reinvest higher percentage of media spend than other regions: report

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Singapore – Media spend varies by region, with brands in APAC reinvesting a higher percentage than other regions, while brands in North America reinvest slightly less, but enjoy a much stronger payback, according to a report by global audience measurement, data, and analytics company Nielsen.

The report also found that media spend often needs to be higher to break through and drive returns. Nielsen shared that its ‘50-50-50 Gap’ states that while 50% of media plans are underinvested by a median of 50%, ROI can be improved by 50% with the ideal budget.

Moreover, beyond budgeting, the report showed key insights and recommendations to deliver higher ROI across multiple marketing areas, including full-funnel marketing, whereas adding upper-funnel marketing to existing lower- and mid-funnel marketing can grow overall ROI by 13-70%.

Another key recommendation is ad sales growth strategy, where comparing channel ROIs can help set pricing strategies. And lastly, audience measurement, where advertisers should prioritise measurement solutions that cover all platforms and devices, with near-real-time insights. 

Imran Hirani, Nielsen’s vice president of media and advertiser analytics, said, “Brands can’t afford to waste valuable ads on the wrong audiences. By investing wisely and having a balanced strategy of both upper-funnel and lower-funnel initiatives, brands can reach the right audiences and maximise their ROI.”

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