YouTube raises health information awareness with new in-app features


California, USA – In response to the growing trend online of users resorting to online resources for verified answers to health questions and educating themselves more about health and medicine, video streaming platform YouTube has announced that it will be introducing new in-app features that would raise more awareness about verified health information.

YouTube will be adding new health source information panels on videos to help viewers identify videos from authoritative sources, and health content shelves that more effectively highlight videos from these sources when you search for specific health topics. These context cues are aimed at helping people more easily navigate and evaluate credible health information.

In order to cross-check information these YouTube videos present, the platform has applied the principles developed by an expert panel convened by the National Academy of Medicine, a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that brings together the top experts in health, medicine, and biomedical science to provide unbiased, evidence-based guidance about health and science. 

The National Academy of Medicine regularly examines complicated questions related to health, medicine, and biomedical science and over the years they have given guidance on everything from countering the opioid epidemic to gene editing.

According to Dr. Garth Graham, director and global head of healthcare and public health partnerships at YouTube, the new in-app health information is the result of the platform’s constant work to make it easier for people to find authoritative information to help answer their questions, as well as putting health professionals at the core of our efforts to connect people with helpful content.

In addition, he also believes that in our increasingly digital world, the next phase in health communication is video, where we can connect with people and answer their questions in a way that is both visual and personal. He also believes that this platform, with 2 billion monthly active users, has the potential to be a transformative tool for public health and can positively impact communities at scale. 

“This is our first step towards identifying and designating authoritative health sources on YouTube. While only accredited health organizations and government entities are currently included in our health context features, we’re exploring ways to broaden eligibility and evaluate the inclusion of other health sources, as well as ways to expand these features globally,” Graham said.

He added, “Throughout my years of working in public health and practicing medicine, I have seen the benefits of getting the right information to patients when they need it. These new features are an important step to improve our platform’s role in connecting people with high-quality information. We know that there is more work to be done and our investment will continue for the long-term.”

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