Tinder promotes consent education with launch of new dating dictionary in Australia

Aliza Carmona - September 15, 2023

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Australia – Online dating app Tinder has launched ‘Dating Dictionary: Consent Edition”, the latest iteration of its dating dictionary, in Australia to help educate Aussies on key consent terms and phrases.

The new dating dictionary is a product of Tinder’s collaboration with Chanel Contos, the founder and CEO of Teach Us Consent, a campaign that was responsible for mandating consent education in Australia.

‘Dating Dictionary: Consent Edition aims to serve as an educational guide and resource to both give and get consent for people navigating the world of dating. 

Within the new edition of the dictionary, people can find definitions of consent terms and examples of incorporating consent checks and phrases into their dating journey. It will provide daters with phrases to help them ask for, give, and revoke consent throughout the different stages of dating.

Tinder’s move to launch the dictionary is rooted in the results of its latest research conducted with YouGov, where it found that only 55% of Gen Z and Millennial dating app users are confident that they’re very knowledgeable about consent. 

The release of ‘Dating Dictionary: Consent Edition’ is a prelude to a much bigger dating guide coming to Australia later this month called School of Swipe.

Tinder first launched School of Swipe in Singapore as the first-ever crash course in online dating. The online resource will offer guidance on the online-to-offline dating journey, including the latest dating terms and all the way through to safety, consent, and creating respectful behaviours with dating.

Commenting on the collaboration, Contos said, “I’m incredibly passionate about advancing consent education here in Australia, and it applies to all adults. I am proud to be part of creating this new consent guide with Tinder for adults exploring the possibilities of dating. I believe that language is one of our most important tools. You can’t understand something, you can’t practise it properly, and you can’t prevent something if you can’t name it. The Consent Edition of Tinder’s Dating Dictionary is a great step in improving the way we talk about consent in Australia, especially for young daters.”

Meanwhile, Kirsty Dunn, spokesperson for Tinder Australia, said, “So many of today’s dating interactions start with a SwipeTM, but we want these to be safe and consensual, above all. Respect has always been at Tinder’s core, starting with mutual matching, which requires both users to express interest before chatting, as well as our suite of trust and safety features. We know that safety is complex and personal and consent is much more than permission and rules, so we hope this guide helps daters navigate dating and foster healthy relationships.”