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Singaporean consumers don’t want to be treated as a ‘Millennial’ or ‘Gen Z’

Singaporean consumers don’t want to be treated as a ‘Millennial’ or ‘Gen Z’
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Singapore – A recent interesting research from creative and design platform Adobe shows that Singaporean consumers who come from the Millennial and Gen Z cohort don’t want to be treated as such–but simply for ‘who they are’. 

The said report has identified that majority, or 88%, of these groups of consumers in Singapore want to be interacted with as an individual with unique interests and preferences rather than someone coming from a particular generation. Furthermore, we see the flip side of this if brands fail to unhinge from age-based stereotypes: 65% of Singaporean consumers say they feel negatively towards brands that interact with them based on broad assumptions and labels. 

At large, the survey analysed 5000 consumers in APAC, specifically from the markets of Australia, India, and Singapore. According to data, three times as many APAC consumers actually feel closer to people who share their passions and interests (62%) rather than those of a similar demographic (19%). In a period where brands are more strongly associated with a certain persona, this might be the reason why consumers would also feel ‘warm’ towards brands that ‘understand’ them regardless of whether they are hitting right on age-based cultural nuances

Speaking of ‘friendliness’, the report further affirms that positive and likeable gestures by brands do not simply go to waste. Regular and frequent efforts to engage consumers with bespoke offers related to their current interests are of the highest importance, said the report. More than four times as many people want frequent, thoughtful gestures (70%) over bigger one-off moments (15%). 

Duncan Egan, VP of marketing for Adobe APAC & Japan, said, “Across Asia Pacific, customers are calling on brands to demonstrate that they know them, show them, and [ensure that they] will help them in the moments that matter – not once, but all the time.”

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