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Indeed teams up with TikTok to aid Gen Z, millennial job seekers

Indeed teams up with TikTok to aid Gen Z, millennial job seekers
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Singapore – Job platform Indeed has launched a new channel on the short video platform TikTok in a bid to aid Gen Z and millennial job seekers to any available job opportunities on the platform. The channel will officially launch on August 23.

Said campaign aims to target the large millennial and Gen Z audience that is active on the social networking platform.

The campaign, called ‘You Better Work, Boss’, is based on research showing that this generation is already changing their relationship with work and expects employers to strive hard to attract and retain their employees.

The initial content will be produced by popular influencers such as JAMIELIMYY, IANJEEVAN and AINLOVESCODE. Their material will include ‘A Day in the Life of’ series, which will show how some professions work, conversations about how to get ready to enter the job market and new jobs. The channel will also dive into the future of work and what it will change for the younger generations.

“The campaign’s key message centres on urging GenZ jobseekers towards employment through Indeed’s seamless and user-friendly job search options. In line with TikTok’s digital learning initiative, which curates life tips, career advice, motivational speech videos, and other educational content, the new campaign encourages the youth to discover their dream job with the help of Indeed,” the company said in a press statement.

Meanwhile, Nishita Lalvani, marketing director at Indeed India and SEA, commented, “We want to support the aspirations of Gen Z and Millennials who will make up a large part of the workforce soon. They are set to have a 50–60 year career ahead of them, and we foresee the need to help this group of workers navigate the jobs sector whilst staying true to their beliefs.” 

She added, “Gen Z workers prioritise a positive work-life balance. They seek work environments that are empathetic and diverse, offer learning opportunities, and align with their core values. Indeed’s new TikTok channel is aimed at helping to bridge the gap between Gen Z and PMET employers and help everyone find common ground where businesses and employees can thrive together.”

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