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Merkle B2B, BloombergQuint launches media guide for Indian tech marketers

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Mumbai, India – With more organizations in India heavily investing in technology or technological assets that will allow them to thrive in the coming times, Merkle B2B, the B2B arm of dentsu’s customer experience agency Merkle, and financial news organization Bloomberg Quint have launched ‘The Media Guide’ to understand the world of evolving Indian tech buyers and the factors influencing their decisions.

The study, commissioned through Greyhound Research, has been conducted with Indian CIOs (Chief Information Officer) and ITDMs (IT Decision Maker), to identify their concerns, issues, and preferences about a brand, product or solution while making a purchase.

According to the study, CEOs and managing directors are personally getting involved in the technology decision-making process. They are seeking business leaders and external parties (analysts/consultants) to gain deeper insights and better bargains from the existing and new vendors. 

In terms of media channel utilization, 80% of traditional and 73% of startup organizations in India prefer to use local podcasts and videos along with their global content pieces to strengthen context. Meanwhile, 40% of startup organizations and 23% of traditional organizations in India? find global video content to be helpful while identifying a technology vendor.

Other results showed that 73% of respondents from traditional organizations continue to value conferences and events, while only 53% of startup organizations prefer them as part of the new technology buying decision-making process. Lastly, 60% of traditional organizations and 100% of startup organizations in India find online technology magazines to be effective in their technology buying decision-making process.

“Our intent is to get an on-ground understanding of the tech buyers’ evolving world and unearth insights that can help tech marketers make informed decisions. Merkle believes that today’s customer-focused marketing leader is evolving with the core pursuit of placing people at the heart of the business strategy,” said Abhay Kulkarni, managing director at Merkle DWA.

He added, “Our aim is to help marketers stimulate their thinking towards the future of marketing while getting actionable ideas that can impact businesses, and ultimately, strengthening their ongoing approach to people-based marketing.”

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