MoEngage, Merkle Sokrati to aid data-driven solutions through new partnership


California, USA – Customer engagement platform MoEngage and dentsu’s India-based customer experience management (CXM) agency, Merkle Sokrati, have entered into a new partnership, which combines MoEngage’s insights-led customer engagement platform with Merkle Sokrati’s enterprise delivery services to grow data-driven solutions for enterprise brands across Asia Pacific.

The combined value package offered by MoEngage-Merkle partnership will enable consumer brands to devise and execute a hyper-personalized experience for their users. 

“Our partnership with Merkle Sokrati is a significant step in this direction. Merkle’s understanding of strategic digital interactions and expertise in enterprise solution delivery is uniquely complementary to MoEngage’s data-driven and AI-enabled marketing automation platform. We believe that both of us make a truly customer-obsessed team,” said Sanjay Kupae, head of global alliances at MoEngage.

Kupae also noted that through this new partnership, they will be able to drive far more business impact for its clients in India, South East Asia, and Australia.

MoEngage and Merkle’s partnership is in response to the constant struggle that marketing and product teams often face, as most of the available tools lack one or more of requisite capabilities or the solution is not implemented to the best of its potential. Furthermore, the modern aspect of mobile-first customers expects a personalized experience. This requires brands to build a 360-degree view of their users, analyze the data and deliver the right message at the right time through the right channel.

“It’s exciting news to partner with MoEngage in today’s times where hyper-personalized engagement with audiences has become imperative. Coupling this with our more than a decade-long focus on building audience-first and data-driven marketing strategies will surely be beneficial for our clients across verticals and industries. We all have seen trying times for consumers and brands alike, and I’m happy to see synergies being developed here in our ecosystem to help businesses bounce back from the year that’s been,” said Sampath Rengachari, chief business officer for martech at Merkle-Sokrati.

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