Bangladesh seeks global rep of capital market and has just issued a tender to find eligible marketers

Bangladesh seeks global rep of capital market and has just issued a tender to find eligible marketers

Bangladesh – Not all the time do you see a tender by a country’s securities and exchanges commission for mainstream work such as marketing and communications, but the country of Bangladesh has officially expressed its desire to front its economic development and capital market in the global arena, according to the tender document itself, released by the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) Sunday, 18 July. 

According to the tender, BSEC is looking to engage Bloomberg Media, one of the leading providers of business and financial news content globally, to be able to reach diversified investors through a global campaign. BSEC said that it wants to present its potential and economic development and growth record of accomplishment in terms of capital market to attract investors from foreign nationals. 

BSEC has been continuously developing the country’s capital market to make it the main source of long-term financing. In growing its bond market, it has already introduced new products such as Exchange Traded Funds, Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Impact Funds. 

The contract offered by BSEC will run for 16 months. Specifically, it is on the lookout for entities to “supply integrated marketing and communication services” to position the country in Bloomberg’s media and digital platform. 

The commissioned marketing work will run under the banner ‘The Rising of Bengal Tiger: Potentials of Bangladesh Capital Market’. Under the campaign, Bloomberg Media will create content for television, print, and digital media, furthermore, it will be partnered to host a content hub for Bangladesh on its website to support the country. 

During the said period, BSEC has already planned to organize a series of roadshows through its own arrangement in different parts of the world to portray a ‘Rising Bangladesh’ and its capital market as an attractive place for foreign investment “with better returns.” 

For the success of the campaign, BSEC said it would be needing services from a reputed marketing and communication agency that will act as a primary service provider in creating a dedicated campaign-specific content portal. The said portal will include roadshow registration facilities, news updates, upcoming event details, queries, and feedback, and will utilize all contents for TV, print, and digital media prepared by Bloomberg Media.

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