Kargo brings video advertising product suite to APAC

Teddy Cambosa - June 8, 2023

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Sydney, Australia – Adtech Kargo has announced that it is bringing its video advertising product suite to Asia-Pacific, more specifically in the markets of Australia and New Zealand, India, and Southeast Asia. Said solutions put brands front and centre with optimised creative ensuring that they are seen with the intended visual impact. 

Kargo currently has three video advertising solutions which includes:

  • ‘Branded Canvas’ – squeezes video back with additional product imagery and messaging, driving deeper awareness and memorability.
  • ‘The Split Card’ – offers large real estate next to the video ad, ideal for product showcases, promotional offers or oversized call-to-action prompts.
  • ‘The Interactive’ – adds subtle branding elements on top of the video for playful motion and bonus attention. 

According to the company, its video advertising solutions have the capability to deliver experiences on the small screen using proprietary technology design and deep integrations into their curated supply.

Neill Pitt, sales director at Kargo APAC, said, “Kargo understands what works for consumers and brands. Enhanced video ads make brands relevant, capturing attention and increasing performance against key metrics, even above industry standards. We’re thrilled to offer our video advertising in APAC, where digital advertising, particularly video, is in a growth phase. APAC advertisers can make a better impression with Kargo enhanced video ads.”

Kargo recently acquired connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) platform VideoByte, as part of its mission to deliver differentiated interactions to audiences through various platforms.