Fresh from the source: McDonald’s NZ assures customers of product origins in latest campaign


Auckland, New Zealand – McDonald’s in New Zealand has launched a new campaign created by DDB Aotearoa, in a bid to shed light on the quality of food the fast food chain assures from every raw produce used in their meals.

Titled ‘Ordered From Here’, the campaign follows the journey of four New Zealanders ordering from a McDonald’s drive-thru. When they ask what’s in the product, the group is transported to the fresh source of the items. For instance, the beef patties originate from the herds grazed at Whangara Farms in Gisborne, or the apples of the ‘Apple Pie’ from orchards in Hastings.

Macca’s, as McDonald’s colloquially known in New Zealand, is particularly proud of its long-term support for quality local food producers and this campaign stems from a desire to share that story with Kiwi audiences who may not be aware of it. Furthermore, the challenge was to tell that story in a way that was both informative and entertaining.

For McDonald’s New Zealand Head of Communications, Simon Kenny, the question of what ‘really’ goes into Macca’s menu comes up all the time, and there’s a great story to tell.

“McDonald’s New Zealand’s ‘Ordered from Here’ is a fun, light-hearted exploration of where our local ingredients are sourced. The new television commercial (TVC) takes a fantastical approach to tell our food quality and provenance story, which is a bit different to what we’ve done in the past, Kenny said.

He added, “Beyond the TVC we then have more depth to the story told across other channels for those who want to find out more.”

Meanwhile, Gary Steele, ECD at DDB Aotearoa, commented, “The fact that Macca’s get their potatoes from Ashburton is a great message but telling someone your potatoes come from Ashburton without putting them to sleep is a real task. We wanted to share Macca’s great provenance story in a way that got the point across without feeling like a guided tour of the supply chain that the viewer didn’t sign up for.”

The campaign, originally 60 seconds long, is also live as 30 and 15 second spots in mediums such as cinema, magazine, electronic direct mail (eDM), outdoor advertising, digital/web, as well as in social media, PRs, and in-store.

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