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Foodpanda rolls out new brand identity across Asia


Singapore – Food and grocery delivery platform foodpanda has announced a revamp to its brand identity across Asia, spanning 400 cities and 12 markets.

The brand identity revamp accentuates foodpanda’s brand color pink across its visual designs, which is also enhanced alongside the prominence of the signature panda logo.

The same visual approach applies to foodpanda’s marketing initiatives both online and offline, for instance with rider- and partner-related branding, foodpanda retains its bold, instantly identifiable ‘fun pink’, but expands its palette to include more complementary colors.

According to Reinald Chee, head of creative at foodpanda, the emphasis on the color pink is rooted in the company’s desire to keep the brand color recognizable by millions of customers across Asia. Furthermore, Chee added that the brand revamp highlights the various personalities of the brand: “friendly, caring, smart, and that little bit rebellious – not afraid to change the status quo or take risks.”

“Our aim has been to create a design language that’s as seamless as our transaction process. At the end of the day, brand identity is all about making a more enjoyable experience for everyone,” Chee stated.

Meanwhile, Idan Haim, vice president of growth and marketing at foodpanda hopes that the brand revamp will help build a solid foundation of the company in terms of customer experience.

“Foodpanda’s refreshed identity reconsiders all customer touchpoints with the brand, connecting the technology behind our app and website with our millions of users’ everyday experiences, from our iconic rider bags and jackets to packaging, marketing campaigns and the app itself,” Haim stated.


Aside from the brand identity, foodpanda has also revamped its user interface homescreen, dubbed the ‘bento’. The new interface allows users to seamlessly choose the foodpanda service they need – food delivery, self pick-up, shops or pandamart – while making it easier to explore top restaurants and promotions available in their location.

The brand refresh comes at a time when foodpanda continues to expand its business verticals beyond food delivery, into quick commerce (q-commerce), including grocery delivery via pandamart cloud stores, and through partnerships with leading shops and convenience stores.

“We analyzed every touchpoint with our service, from the app to the rider box. Using thorough insights about the user journey, we envisioned a design direction that could bridge the gap between our tech and the real-life experience of millions of customers,” Chee added.

Foodpanda’s brand refresh will be progressively introduced across all online and offline platforms from April 2021. The refresh has started in Singapore, Bangladesh and Cambodia, and will be launching in Hong Kong, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand in the coming weeks.

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