Coors Australia awards media account to This is Flow

coors x this is flow
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Sydney, Australia – Global beer brand Coors in Australia has awarded its media account to Sydney’s independent media agency This is Flow, effective May this year.

The partnership will see This is Flow driving Coors’ media planning and buying. In addition, the media agency has also been tasked to launch ‘the world’s most refreshing’ media campaign, which will start in time for the NBA playoffs and final, and will run throughout the year with a focus on sporting occasions. This is Flow will also be delivering a channel strategy to drive growth, targeting Australia’s 3.86 million basketball fans.

“Coors, an easy-drinking lager, is the peak of refreshment. We are excited for Australians to pick up a Coors for their next sporting occasion, whether that be at the bar, at their house, or at the game. We are also excited to partner with This is Flow who have delivered an innovative plan to highlight the way that sport brings people together,” said Matt McKay, the senior brand manager of Coors.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Hyett, the CEO of This is Flow, commented, “There’s real energy behind a powerhouse global brand like Coors, the passion and drive from the business and the team that inspires our best work. The Coors brand aligns with the energy and skill set of our team, who have done a great job building a strategic response that taps into the audience behavior and the channels they thrive in.”

This is Flow has also recently announced another account win similarly from the beer industry – brands Miller Chill and Miller Genuine Draft – to work on its media planning and buying which will kick off in the second half of 2021.

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