Casella Family Brands adds Yellow Tail brand to social media remit for Connecting Plots

yellowtail x connecting plots

Australia – Long-time Australian winemaker Casella Family Brands will now be adding its Yellow Tail brand, which is deemed to be one of the world’s most recognizable wines, to its existing remit for independent creative communications agency Connecting Plots. The partnership will have the agency handling the brand’s social media business. 

Casella’s other wine brands, namely Peter Lehmann Wines and The Magic Box Wine Collection, have been in the care of Connecting Plots, and with Yellow Tail, the agency will also now be taking over its planning, digital, creative, and paid media.

According to a press release, the appointment comes after the winemaker’s audit of its social activities which led to the need for Yellow Tail to rethink its approach to social media and how it aligns with the overall marketing strategy.

Connecting Plots said that its newest recruits – Chris John, the new creative director, and Gemma Geraint, the new group account director – will lead the newly gained account.

“We are excited to be working with Connecting Plots on the Yellow Tail social strategy, content, and media for Australia. We already had a successful presence in social media but Connecting Plots challenged our thinking and provided us with a fresh perspective. We feel confident this new approach will deliver great results not only for the brand but also improve our return on investment,” said Anna Czarnocka, the global marketing manager of Yellow Tail.

Meanwhile, Tom Phillips, the managing director of Connecting Plots, said that the agency is thrilled to be extending its remit with Casella Family Brands, and help strengthen its presence in the market.

Tim Collier, the strategic director of Connecting Plots, also shared, “I’m so pleased to be working with Yellow Tail. Their business changed the face of Australian wine when it launched, and their brand continues to be an excellent example of what can be achieved when you subvert the norms of a category. We can’t wait to sink our teeth into the unique creative challenges they face and to start moving the dial on their business results.”

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