Around 64% of APAC users more willing to engage with brands collecting data directly

Teddy Cambosa - June 9, 2023

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Singapore – Around 64% of respondents in the Asia-Pacific region are willing to engage with brands collecting data directly, with 57% of respondents open to sharing demographics data. This is according to the latest data from customer engagement platform Twilio.

According to the data, respondents appreciate the benefits of personalised experiences, with 65% acknowledging that personal data usage enhances their interaction with brand websites. Over 57% are comfortable or indifferent to social media platforms sharing their personal data with other brands or businesses.

Moreover, 60% of respondents expect clear and comprehensible information about data usage, emphasising the importance of transparency in building consumer confidence. 

However, only 15% were comfortable with all their data being shared with another brand. This figure has more than doubled to 34% amongst those who were generally aware how their data is being used, rising to 46% for those who had full knowledge of how organisations use their data.

The data also showed that 76% of respondents either accept all cookies or allow selected cookies, reflecting a willingness to engage in data sharing. This widespread acceptance appears to be mainly due to pragmatism, not ignorance, however. Most survey respondents understand that cookies are widely used to provide personalised experiences on a website or app. But they also say they would prefer that they are not used.

In fact, 72% of respondents believe consumers should avoid websites that collect cookies, indicating caution towards cookie practices. An overwhelming 90% agree that site owners must disclose their use of cookies and provide the option to opt out, or risk losing consumer trust. These findings underscore the need for brands to balance personalised experiences and consumer privacy, maintaining trust while offering tailored engagements.

Nicholas Kontopoulos, vice president of marketing for Asia Pacific & Japan at Twilio said, “Today, consumers expect brands to protect their data and be upfront about how their data is being used. The combination of scepticism towards third-party data and the willingness to share data with trusted brands is fueling new opportunities and forging the pathway to a healthy and sustainable data-sharing ecosystem across the region.”