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AQUA teams up with Moving Walls to launch DOOH campaign

AQUA teams up with Moving Walls to launch DOOH campaign
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Jakarta, Indonesia – Local mineral water brand AQUA has teamed up with media technology group Moving Walls to launch a digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign, which maximises programmatic capabilities and changes in weather patterns.

Launched in two phases across four weeks, AQUA using the tagline #AQUADULU, a hydration reminder campaign deployed a DOOH campaign that was triggered by multiple weather conditions ranging from hot climes to unstable conditions. 

The first phase saw commuters being reminded of the need to drink up and stay hydrated as temperatures soared in the metropolis. This was the first time that the brand harnessed the powers of API Weather targeting from a moving truck.

During the last week of the campaign, a truck powered with LED screens exclusively showcased multiple AQUA creatives that changed as temperatures fluctuated. Three different creatives were used for the working weekdays while a different set of creatives caught the attention of onlookers during the weekend. This contextually relevant content ensured that creatives were impactful and relevant, meeting consumers where they were.

AQUA also made use of the Citayam Fashion Week, an impromptu street fashion event that coincided with the campaign. The Citayam Fashion Week is a phenomenon where teenagers throng to public places in Jakarta to make a fashion statement. The LED screened truck was strategically placed at the Sudirman train station which became an instant hip and fashionable backdrop for the posers.

Jonathan Andre Widjaja, supply lead at Moving Walls Indonesia, said, “The future of OOH is data-driven campaigns. Campaigns that are creative and deliver highly relevant content directly to the target audience. Digital transformation and technological advancements in out-door advertising has made it possible to leverage robust, granular-level data to plan and execute high-performing campaigns such as these.”

Meanwhile, Intan Andini, senior digital manager for AQUA at Danone, commented, “In all #AQUADULU campaign that we’ve done in digital, this LED programmatic innovation allows us to create highly personalised creatives and bring us closer to our consumers in any relevant occasions. To always adapt our way in reaching our consumers has always been the key to get the result beyond measure.” 

She added, “Leveraging this approach gives us the best result possible with +2Mio views in high traffic areas in Jakarta in less than a month. This enable us to keep reminding people to drink #AQUADULU especially during this constant change of weather season and recently being seamlessly present at one of the most phenomenal cultural events, Citayam Fashion Week.”

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