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Okta unveils new customer identity solution targeted at boosting brands’ UX, security

Maureen Basa - November 14, 2022

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Singapore – Independent identity provider Okta, Inc. recently introduced its new solution, the Okta Customer Identity Cloud, last November 11. 

Powered by Okta technology Auth0, Okta Customer Identity Cloud is an easy-to-implement and customizable solution that aims to help businesses improve their customer experience while reducing security risks.

“Okta’s Customer Identity Cloud, powered by Auth0, makes it possible to improve the overall experience and keep customers secure at the same time, all while enabling app builders to focus on what is most important–innovating for their customers,” said Eugenio Pace, president of customer identity at Okta.

The solution includes two differentiated use cases for consumer apps and software as a service (SaaS) apps, as well as several product innovations for modern app builders to provide better user experience, reduced risk, and greater developer productivity. 

The Okta Customer Identity Cloud for consumer apps will help organisations streamline registration and login across any device, stack, or platform. It is also expected to contribute to higher customer acquisition and retention, a better experience, and a fuller view of users.

On the other hand, the solution for SaaS apps will help companies get enterprise-ready, onboard new users, and manage authentication across business customers without diverting development resources away from their core product. 

Kim Huffman, chief information officer at TripActions, shared how the solution helped the travel platform’s business. 

“Okta’s Customer Identity Cloud has been critical to our success as we continue to scale and grow globally. It enables an easy, frictionless, and secure experience that’s vital to our customers,” she said.

Okta is a California-based identity and access management company trusted by brands such as JetBlue, Nordstrom, Siemens, Slack, and more in protecting the identities of their workforces and customers.