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MILO celebrates the ‘Malaysia Can-Do’ spirit this Malaysia Day

MILO celebrates the 'Malaysia Can-Do' spirit this Malaysia Day
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – MILO Malaysia, together with Mediabrands Content Studio (MBCS), has released the #MalaysiaBolehBersamaMILO campaign to celebrate the Malaysian spirit of unity this Merdeka and Malaysia Day. The campaign is inspired by the ‘Malaysia Boleh’ (Malaysia Can-Do) spirit, encapsulated in the Malaysia Boleh sports cheer, which was coined by MILO for the SEA Games in 1993.

Since the said SEA Games, the MILO-originated slogan has been used by Malaysians as a chant for hope, fueling their never-give-up mindset, signifying MILO as a symbol of inspirational strength through the generations and serving to unite all Malaysians through the goodness of MILO.

Rudy La Faber, creative director of MBCS, said, “While people in Malaysia and abroad regularly cry out ‘Malaysia Boleh’ when supporting our nation, a lesser-known fact is that the slogan was coined by MILO in 1992 and in the following year, officially used by MILO for SEA Games. This legendary phrase is now etched in the minds and hearts of every Malaysian as a battle cry to uplift our spirits at major sporting events. We wanted to reinvigorate the power of this slogan and take it to new heights through inspiring stories of MILO, as celebrating the Malaysian spirit of unity is what #MalaysiaBolehBersamaMILO is all about.”

The campaign was flagged-off with the iconic MILO vans taking a nationwide tour, giving out over 20,000 cups of MILO nationwide to energise Malaysians to go further. The MILO samples are shared in cups that have been reskinned, the designs having been infused with elements that link to Malaysians’ memories of MILO. 

Catherine Yap, consumer marketing manager of MILO, said, “Over the years, MILO® has built and preserved a strong brand bond between Malaysians, and we will continue to champion and energise Malaysians with the nutritious goodness of MILO® for many more years to come. We hope the Malaysia Boleh spirit will live on and fuel Malaysians to go further in life, no matter what they set out to achieve. The MBCS team have managed to take the well-known slogan and give it a fresh new lease of life, with MILO® planted at the very heart of it.”

The campaign culminates in a live projection across the TS Law Tower, Malaysia’s first 360 LED building facade display, on the evening of 16 & 17 September. The Kuala Lumpur skyscraper will be illuminated in the iconic MILO green which symbolises MILO’s inspiration to continue fueling Malaysians with the ‘Energy To Go Further’.

A finale event in Dataran Merdeka on 16 September will wrap up the nationwide tour with special performances and energetic activities aligning with the MILO brand mission. The intention is to bring the nation together to celebrate the country’s significant milestone – the commemoration of the establishment of the Malaysian Federation in 1963 – showing the unity of a nation over the goodness of MILO. 

La Faber adds, “The creative direction for the cups and messages were inspired by grassroot conversations around MILO® and its iconic trucks and vans. These vehicles have become a gathering point for the nation that cut through every demographic, as they continue to excite and bring Malaysians together. It just goes to show you how MILO® has inspired generations in so many ways, and #MalaysiaBolehBersamaMILO continues to energise our Malaysia Boleh spirit!”

The campaign runs till 16 September 2022 and is further amplified across all social media channels. 

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