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AnyMind Group joins TikTok as marketing partner, TikTok to be integrated into influencer marketing platform AnyTag

Singapore – AnyMind Group, the end-to-end commerce enablement company with a focus on Asia, is now officially part of TikTok’s marketing partners program, and will specifically join the list of enablers under the platform’s assistance for creative to brands. Through this, brands will now be able to plan and execute TikTok creator marketing campaigns within the group’s influencer marketing platform AnyTag

Through the integration, brands that use AnyTag will be able to access all the features of the TikTok Creator Marketplace (TTCM) – the official platform for brand and creator collaborations on the short-video platform. Brands will be able to tap into TikTok’s first-party insights on audience demographics, growth trends, and best-performing videos, amongst others to identify the right creators for creator and paid advertising campaigns.

In addition, marketers can tap on AnyTag to understand a creator’s posting insights – including the best times for a creator to publish a post to get the highest user engagement. The integration also omits the need for marketers to toggle between TTCM and AnyTag to run influencer marketing campaigns with different groups of influencers, with AnyTag now having integrated capabilities for influencer discovery, campaign activation, campaign management, tracking, and reporting for TTCM campaigns.

Purwa Jain, managing director of product growth for AnyMind Group, said, “TikTok is an entertainment platform that we’ve worked with across various levels, from market entry and on-the-ground collaborations to tech integrations, to help marketers and creators to glean increased value from both our companies and corresponding platforms. We’re looking to expand the partnership to enable marketers to leverage TikTok even more effectively, ultimately driving forward the ecosystem.”

Meanwhile, Adrian Man, director of ecosystem partnerships for APAC & MENA at TikTok, shared that creators as the lifeblood of the platform make TikTok constantly think of new ways to make it easy for them to connect and collaborate with brands. 

“We’re thrilled to be integrating with an elite group of trusted partners to help brands discover and work with diverse creators who can share their message in an authentic way,” Man said. 

At present, AnyTag enables marketers to discover influencers, and activate, manage, track and attribute influencer marketing campaigns, including affiliate marketing campaigns that leverage influencers.

Aside from AnyTag, AnyMind Group has also developed connections for its other platforms with TikTok. In August 2022, its e-commerce management platform, AnyX, was connected with TikTok Shop to help businesses and online merchants improve cross-channel operational efficiency on even more e-commerce channels across Asia, including e-commerce marketplaces, sites, and social commerce platforms.

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TikTok allows Sportsbet to advertise under ‘strictly controlled advertising pilot’ to AU users

Australia –TikTok now allows online gambling company Sportsbet to advertise to its Australian users over the age of 21. Despite its advertising policy prohibiting any gambling-related content, TikTok is now breaking its own rules by allowing sports betting that has obtained permission from TikTok via an application process to be promoted on its platform.

According to a report by ABC, TikTok stated that the ads were only shown to users over the age of 21, but experts said this would be hard to regulate. TikTok also stated that the recurrence of the advertisements would be limited and that an “opt-out feature” would be implemented.

Even with a ‘strictly controlled advertising pilot’, as a Tiktok spokesperson stated, young people will undoubtedly see the advertisements and viral videos created about joining the races.

According to Tiktok’s guidelines, ‘TikTok defines a minor as any person under the age of 18.’ However, Sportsbet will be advertised to users over the age of 21. Although TikTok has a great mechanism for guaranteeing filtered content for its users, it is simple to modify your birthdate to appear older when creating an account for the platform.

TikTok also stated that it employs a variety of methods, including a safety moderation team that monitors accounts where users are suspected of lying about their age. In Australia, the minimum user age is 13, with accounts under 16 barred from direct messaging, hosting live streams, or appearing in the For You feed. 

According to the TikTok Guardian’s Guide, ‘if someone tries to create an account but does not meet our minimum age requirement, we suspend their ability to create another account using a different date of birth.’

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TikTok beefs up wellness initiatives in digital hub

Singapore – TikTok is reinforcing its commitment to fostering a safer space for mental health conversations with new educational and inspiring content added to its ‘Digital Wellness Hub’. This was shaped in consultation with experts and mental health advocates as well as with results from a joint survey with market research firm YouGov

The survey, which was geared towards further understanding local and cross-generational attitudes towards mental well-being, underscored the need for greater mental wellness support ecosystems amongst adults above 18. In particular, it uncovered people’s comfort levels in talking about their own mental health. 

The research specifically found that 59% of respondents in Singapore expressed fear that their loved ones would not be able to help if they talked to them about the topic, whilst 64% stated they are afraid that being open about their mental well-being will negatively affect their future prospects at work.

Taking into account people’s current dilemma when it comes to their mental health, TikTok has introduced new content to its in-app ‘Digital Wellness Hub’ – a one-stop portal that anchors all of its educational initiatives around well-being and cyber wellness – to further bolster its mental health offerings to the local community.

Teresa Tan, TikTok’s director of public policy for Singapore and SEA, said, “While significant strides have been made to build and reinforce mental health support systems in Singapore, more needs to be done to help our local community feel less afraid of judgment and more empowered to actively seek help. These safeguards span across all areas, from people in the community, policies, and platforms like ours.”

The newly improved Hub also includes a new ‘Creator Spotlight’ series, featuring local mental health advocates like Adeline Tay, Samantha Ng, Jeannette Qhek, and Nava Neetha, amongst others, to inspire audiences in the community with their personal journeys. Local users will also be encouraged to continue sharing their own stories with the hashtag #mentalhealthawareness.

These initiatives are set to further expand the wellness community on the platform, including non-profit organisation (NPO) partners, such as CARE Singapore, Fei Yue Community Services, Samaritans of Singapore, and TOUCH Community Services, as well as the participants and alumnus across TikTok-driven programmes like ELEVATE and Youth for Good. 

The newly-added initiatives will complement existing safeguards in TikTok, including in-app well-being guides that have been developed in consultation with experts, to provide a holistic support ecosystem for all. 

“At TikTok, we firmly believe in the power that an inclusive community wields in breaking down stigmas and driving important conversations around mental health. With the continued support of our non-profit partners, we endeavour to keep growing our peer support ecosystem on the platform, providing our wellness creators with safe spaces and resources to express themselves authentically, seek help, and support others,” Tan added.

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IAS to provide brand safety measurement suite for TikTok

Singapore Integral Ad Science, global solutions for digital media quality, has announced the addition of a post-bid brand safety and suitability measurement solution to its ongoing partnership with TikTok.

Through an integration with the IAB Tech Lab’s Open Measurement Software Development Kit (OM SDK), IAS provides advertisers campaign insights into brand safety and brand suitability aligned to Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) standards on the TikTok platform in select markets. 

The new partnership allows brands and agencies to effectively monitor the quality of their media buys on TikTok, giving advertisers confidence that their media investments across TikTok are appearing next to content that is brand safe and suitable.

“We are excited to continue to grow our partnership with TikTok and provide valuable tools that allow brands to make the most of their pre-bid and post-bid campaigns,” said Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS

Utzschneider added, “As one of the largest video platforms, offering a holistic solution for advertisers planning their digital ad campaigns with the platform is more important than ever.” 

IAS’ current TikTok brand safety solution provides comprehensive brand safety measurement and protection on TikTok for pre-bid ad placement in select markets.

The post-bid brand safety measurement offering will provide third-party measurement which gives advertisers campaign insights of the content ads appeared adjacent to. Powered by the OM SDK, which is owned and governed by IAB Tech Lab with IAS being a founding member, the OM SDK is designed to facilitate transparent third-party viewability and verification measurement for ads served to mobile apps and open web environments. 

Furthermore, it offers an industry-aligned safety and suitability measurement in line with Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) categories and floor, which provides clear insights. It also promises a 100% artificial intelligence and machine learning brand safety technology, which combines video, audio, and text to accurately classify content on the feed at scale. 

“At TikTok, we strive to create the most trusted environment for brands, built on a foundation of safety, transparency and accountability. We’re thrilled to expand our partnership with IAS to offer both pre- and post-bid brand safety solutions to businesses of all sizes,” said Melissa Yang, head of ecosystem partnerships at TikTok

She added, “Bringing IAS on board as a global brand safety and suitability measurement partner will give our brands the confidence they need to ensure they are protecting their brand reputation.”

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Powering Up Social Commerce: How TikTok is Trailblazing the Content-to-Cart Purchase Journey

TikTok has recently powered up its social commerce value proposition to brands, launching a suite of three ad solutions called Shopping Ads. Identifying brands’ most pressing needs when it comes to using the platform for product and brand marketing, TikTok developed new formats to address these pain points, namely – Video Shopping Ads, Catalog Listing Ads, and Live Shopping ads. 

In fulfilling its mission of becoming a reliable partner for brands and their business, TikTok has integrated digital enablers to help brands successfully put their consumer engagement in place – and for the newly launched Shopping Ads – TikTok has tapped as its first-to-market campaign and ads partner. 

TikTok Shopping Ads is a smarter and simplified solution that drives maximum impact by mixing the best of TikTok’s existing e-commerce advertising products with new tools. As TikTok’s first-to-market campaign and ads partner, will be supporting brands in its Video Shopping Ads and Catalog Listing Ads formats. will empower brands with the tools and automated workflows needed to enable scale, optimisation, and testing to drive real results that take their TikTok Shopping Ads to the next level. The social advertising platform will be supporting the creative and campaign creation and management process for Video Shopping Ads and Catalog Listing Ads. 

When TikTok rose to the top of its game, it hadn’t originally been seen as a channel to discover consumer products, but instead as mainly a social media platform for bite-sized entertainment. Khush Karai, the APAC Marketing Lead of, believes the tipping point has been the pandemic. 

She said that the pandemic accelerated peoples’ reliability on social media, and TikTok most especially for its unique format, the short-video platform naturally evolved to be an essential part of consumers’ buyer journey. 

“TikTok’s popularity has steadily increased over the years and gained a strong fanbase. As it became the world’s most visited website last year, brands and advertisers started to plan how to include TikTok in their social advertising mix,” said Karai.

Another strong factor in the transformation of consumers’ purchase journey would be TikTok’s unique ‘For You’ page which enables personalisation, bringing the most curated and suited content for a specific user. Through this experience, users had quickly grown to see TikTok as a source to discover something new, whether that’d be relevant content or products to buy. 

The ‘For you’ page, in line with commerce, will become even more valuable for both consumers and brands with the latter afforded the new Shopping Ads solution. 

With, brands are able to scale, optimise, and test their Shopping Ads to drive performance. According to the platform, they have observed that 86% of customers saw performance lift for test campaigns against core performance metrics. Together with its strong partnership with TikTok and years of expertise with leading brands and advertisers, can be a strong strategic partner to help brands ace their paid social game on TikTok. 

Why brands must start testing now for TikTok Shopping Ads

“Right now is actually just the perfect time,” said Karai. 

As brands and advertisers gear up for the upcoming festive period and the holiday shopping season, brands must now take the time to test these formats and see what works best. These ads are perfect opportunities for brands looking to launch new products during the holiday season, and with these use cases in mind, brands can plan ahead., the new TikTok ads partner, also gives a tip right off the bat – use Shopping Ads with Triggers. In this way, brands can create assets in advance and schedule campaigns to start and end on particular dates, which can be during the Mega Sales Days. This will be largely useful in the South East Asia region, as we’ll see an uptick in campaigns over the Mega Sales Days and this is a great way for brands to stand out from their competitors. 

Karai says that the new commerce solutions from TikTok show the extent to which social media can influence consumer behaviour today. has been sharing its predictions about the ever-evolving consumer behaviour and strongly advises brands to adopt the multi-platform strategy. Within this strategy emerges the need to leverage the high-level traction of TikTok.

TikTok’s Shopping Ads offer a one-stop solution for brands to drive e-commerce sales and allows them to meet shoppers along the purchase journey – from content to cart.’s solution for TikTok Shopping Ads enables seamless campaign management, bulk optimizations, reporting, and creative automation. Advertisers have access to automated workflows that help them to enable scale, optimise, and test ads that drive results and connection.

Visit for more details.

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Indeed teams up with TikTok to aid Gen Z, millennial job seekers

Singapore – Job platform Indeed has launched a new channel on the short video platform TikTok in a bid to aid Gen Z and millennial job seekers to any available job opportunities on the platform. The channel will officially launch on August 23.

Said campaign aims to target the large millennial and Gen Z audience that is active on the social networking platform.

The campaign, called ‘You Better Work, Boss’, is based on research showing that this generation is already changing their relationship with work and expects employers to strive hard to attract and retain their employees.

The initial content will be produced by popular influencers such as JAMIELIMYY, IANJEEVAN and AINLOVESCODE. Their material will include ‘A Day in the Life of’ series, which will show how some professions work, conversations about how to get ready to enter the job market and new jobs. The channel will also dive into the future of work and what it will change for the younger generations.

“The campaign’s key message centres on urging GenZ jobseekers towards employment through Indeed’s seamless and user-friendly job search options. In line with TikTok’s digital learning initiative, which curates life tips, career advice, motivational speech videos, and other educational content, the new campaign encourages the youth to discover their dream job with the help of Indeed,” the company said in a press statement.

Meanwhile, Nishita Lalvani, marketing director at Indeed India and SEA, commented, “We want to support the aspirations of Gen Z and Millennials who will make up a large part of the workforce soon. They are set to have a 50–60 year career ahead of them, and we foresee the need to help this group of workers navigate the jobs sector whilst staying true to their beliefs.” 

She added, “Gen Z workers prioritise a positive work-life balance. They seek work environments that are empathetic and diverse, offer learning opportunities, and align with their core values. Indeed’s new TikTok channel is aimed at helping to bridge the gap between Gen Z and PMET employers and help everyone find common ground where businesses and employees can thrive together.”

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TikTok Shop launches in Singapore

Singapore – TikTok Shop, the new e-commerce solution by short-video platform TikTok, has officially launched in Singapore. Starting 10 August, shoppers can usher in Singapore’s 57th birthday festivities via the TikTok Shop 8.8 campaign.

As part of the platform’s ongoing efforts to support local businesses, TikTok Shop is a dynamic marketplace built into the TikTok platform, allowing consumers and creators to connect and engage directly with brands and sellers. 

In particular, TikTok Shop offers merchants and brands a bustling online space they can leverage to connect with newfound consumers keen to discover new brands and share fresh finds with others.

Ng Chew Wee, head of business marketing for APAC at TikTok, said that they have observed that Singapore has exceeded its potential as a major e-commerce market, with its projected market volume expected to hit US$11.45 billion by 2025. 

She stated, “As more people shop online, TikTok Shop presents the ultimate convergence of content and commerce with unique Shoppertainment experiences for all.”

Wee added, “In this way, TikTok Shop not only empowers local businesses to effectively tap onto the platform’s fast-growing audience base to drive tangible business results but also affords the delivery of content that delights and entertains – resonating with the right audience across the discovery to purchase stages.”

With TikTok Shop, sellers can also create an e-commerce experience by having full control of the end-to-end process within TikTok – from uploading the products to curating the point of purchase as well as managing shipping and order fulfilment – affording a seamless consumer journey that will help businesses thrive. 

Additionally, sellers will also be able to tap into the rich variety of content formats to showcase their creativity, connect with their audiences and be discovered by the community. These include shoppable live sessions and creator collaborations that can be easily forged using the TikTok Shop Affiliate Program, which connects creators with sellers through commission-based product marketing. 

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Martech TenMax announces TikTok integration for Gojek Ads Network

Indonesia – Taiwanese martech TenMax has announced a new TikTok integration for Gojek Ads Network (GoGAN), allowing Indonesia marketers and advertisers to use GoGAN to programmatically place TikTok In-Feed video ads.

Through this new integration, GoGAN now also supports TikTok’s most popular ad format, In-Feed, the video advertisements embedded into a user’s ‘For You’ feed. In-Feed ads can be up to 60 seconds long with the look and feel similar to native organic content. 

To utilise this feature, marketers need to upload their video content into the GoGAN interface and select their targeted audience. The supported video aspect ratios are 9:16, 1:1, and 16:9.

In addition, GoGAN lookalike audiences can now be magnified on TikTok through ‘audience augmentation’ technology. For a multi-channel campaign, GoGAN users only need to build a single target audience and the AI will match it with similar TikTok users, or those of any of the other media selected for the campaign.

Jeremy Lin, general manager and managing director at TenMax Indonesia, said, “This integration is an exciting proposition for marketers as it brings together the current best-in-class digital ad product with the Indonesian market’s most precise targeting engine. GoGAN will amplify the performance of brands’ TikTok advertising and this synergy between in-depth insights and high-impact video ads cannot be found elsewhere.”

He added, “As we continue to add more media publishers to GoGAN, it becomes even easier for brands and marketers to reach all their targeted audiences and strategic goals from this single platform,” added Jeremy Lin.“ TikTok is shaping the way Gen-Z, especially in Indonesia, communicates and interacts with the world, and now GoGAN can connect with these coveted younger consumers.”

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E-commerce enabler Synagie unveils incubation programme for TikTok Shop

Singapore – E-commerce enabler in SEA, Synagie, has unveiled its regional TikTok Shop Incubation Programme, which has been established with the aim of helping brands to accelerate their digitalisation and to jump-start their social commerce journey by onboarding onto TikTok’s latest commerce solution.

The programme will be immediately available to the 600 brands Synagie manages and to incoming brands looking to expand onto TikTok’s dynamic content channel. As part of the programme, the company will be waiving platform management fees for brands and sellers for up to six months or until a predetermined level of sales is achieved, whichever comes first. Other initiatives such as training sessions and workshops organised in collaboration with TikTok will also be part of the programme and Synagie’s offerings to brands.

Since 2021, TikTok Shop, which enables merchants to integrate their e-commerce infrastructure with Open API and sell their products across the TikTok ecosystem, has been progressively rolled out across SEA and is now available in six countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam, as well as Thailand.

Pei Gy Wong, Synagie’s vice president for channel development and store management, shared that they have worked closely with TikTok Shop teams across the region since the pilot to integrate their backend systems, and they now offer brands and sellers a seamless and secure way to onboard and manage this channel with their existing digital commerce touchpoints. 

“With the extended platform management fee waiver, we aim to nurture the spirit of partnership as we explore this new digital frontier together. Further, with the rise of social commerce in the region, we felt it would be important to help our brand partners explore this avenue to enhance their digital commerce strategies,” said Wong.

As a TikTok Shop Partner (TSP) and content agency partner within its multi-channel network, Synagie offerings are able to address TikTok commerce’s challenges of fulfilment and logistics. The integration of Synagie backend with TikTok Shop will provide end-to-end ecosystem support for brands and sellers, similar to its services across other digital commerce platforms.

Moreover, with video content being a requisite for TikTok Shop, Synagie’s curated content packages are available to brands looking for additional support. Synagie maintains a database of close to 6,000 nano and micro-content creators across SEA who will be able to help brands curate content. It is currently retained by brands such as Nike, Kiehl’s, Shiseido Group, KOSE and Philosophy to create video content and produce live stream shows regularly.

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TikTok launches online marketplace, TikTok Shop, in PH

Manila, Philippines — TikTok, the popular short-form video platform, recently launched its online marketplace, TikTok Shop, in the Philippines. Through this brand new e-commerce platform, TikTok Shop aims to open up more business opportunities for brands and small- to medium-sized enterprises. All these, whilst providing a fresh new shopping experience for users and opportunities for local content creators alike.

TikTok Shop in the Philippines aims to provide local businesses with a new avenue for reaching out to customers. It also aims to make purchasing possible and more accessible for Filipinos without leaving the mobile entertainment platform. At TikTok Shop in the Philippines, users can purchase items from various categories of products including fashion, home and living, beauty and personal care.

Meanwhile, merchants will be able to enjoy zero commission fees on the platform for selected products whilst payment service fees are capped at one per cent to payment service partners. TikTok Shop products can be purchased through product anchors embedded in short videos, live streams, and the TikTok Product Showcase tab of a merchant’s TikTok page, making it easy for users to be entertained and yet shop at the same time.

Last June 15 to 21, TikTok Shop held its maiden mid-year sale in the Philippines, highlighted by super deals and users enjoyed up to discounts and subsidised shipping and first-time buyers received coupons and discounts.

Celebrities and top content creators joined the very first sale, including actress Glaiza De Castro, TV host Macoy Dubs, and content creator Alfea, who did key live sessions and short video posts via TikTok Shop.

Kimberly Duyag, CEO of local cloth and garment brand KILY.PH, shared her experience, “Many sellers have been surprised by the platform’s support, especially the free shipping vouchers and discount promotion. Plus it also enables merchants, brands and creators to showcase and sell their products directly on TikTok via feed, content or live stream.”

The week-long mid-year sales campaign saw TikTok Shop Philippines gain a 33% growth in its daily gross merchandise value. The e-commerce platform’s number of daily orders likewise jumped by 29%, while the volume of live stream climbed 36% compared to the previous week.