Financial services ANZ uses screensavers to remind vulnerable loved ones about financial scams

Teddy Cambosa - May 22, 2023

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Auckland, New Zealand – ANZ has teamed up with TBWA\NZ and Eleven NZ to launch an awareness campaign which uses screensavers to remind vulnerable people on the rise of financial scams recently.

The initiative combines the one thing all grandparents want – pictures of their grandchildren – with advice they need – tips to avoid getting scammed. Said initiative was launched after research revealed that over half of over 65-year-olds have experienced an actual, or attempted scam in the last 12 months.

Launching just in time for Mother’s Day, the programme calls on New Zealanders to take photos of their children holding up a sign with banking safely tips, before adding the photo to their grandparent’s devices as its wallpaper. The goal is to have families share banking safely advice while uploading a wallpaper that serves as a reminder about steps grandparents can take to avoid being scammed in a way that’s memorable and loved.

Ben Kelleher, managing director for personal banking at ANZ says, “Older adults are being disproportionately impacted by a range of online scams – they’re afraid of being scammed but aren’t always aware of what to do to stay safe. Only 29% of them are speaking to their families about their scamming incident, so we are hoping this initiative will help them to speak more freely about this subject and feel more at ease.”

Meanwhile, Shane Bradnick, chief creative officer at TBWA\NZ, commented, “Sometimes security advice can be dry, forgettable and in formats that may never reach the people that most need it. We all know someone who has been affected by a scam recently because they are so rife. So we wanted to find a way to have families teach their loved ones and ensure the most important banking safely information gets to those most vulnerable to these scammers.” 

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