Coca-Cola embraces the future through new limited edition soda with accompanying AI-powered experience

Brandon Yulolo - September 13, 2023

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Singapore – Coca-Cola has recently announced the launch of Coca-Cola ‘Y3000 Zero Sugar’, a new limited-edition flavor accompanied by an AI-powered experience from Coca-Cola Creations. This flavor marks the first futuristic flavor co-created with human and artificial intelligence from Coca-Cola, aiming to celebrate an optimistic future.

The unique item offers consumers and fans a refreshing taste and a glimpse of what the future could look like by scanning the can and going through the Coca-Cola Creations Hub, where they can use the customized Y3000 AI lens to imagine what the world could look like in the future. 

Coca-Cola created the Y3000 experience by tapping into human and artificial intelligence to understand how fans envision the future through emotions, aspirations, colors, flavors, and more. Fan’s perspectives from around the world, combined with insights gathered from artificial intelligence, helped inspire Coca-Cola to create the taste of Y3000.

The product features a futuristic packaging design including light and optimistic tones, a Coca-Cola Creations logo composed of effervescent bubbles, and the Coca-Cola Spencerian Script with fluid dot clusters that merge to represent the human connections of our future planet. Co-created with artificial intelligence, the design showcases liquid in a morphing, evolving state, communicated through form and color changes that emphasize a positive future.

Coca-Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar is available in select markets around the world, dropping soon  in ASEAN & South Pacific with Australia rolling the new Creations first. The Coca-Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar drink follows the recently released Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar created for League of Legends players, which was made available in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia early this year; and is currently available nationwide in the Philippines.

Oana Vlad, senior director, global strategy at The Coca-Cola Company, said, “Inspired by the timelessness of Coca-Cola, we want to celebrate everyone’s idea of what the future might look like. With the help of AI-powered technology, Coca-Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar imagines how a Coca-Cola from the future could taste and introduces innovative experiences to explore the future.”

Meanwhile, Tee Jae Sonza, trademark category head, Coca-Cola ASEAN and South Pacific Operating Unit, commented, “We’re excited to bring to life this latest innovation from our Coca-Cola Creations platform here in ASEAN & South Pacific as we continuously explore new ways to resonate with our consumers. The launch of Coca-Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar opens up the possibility of a world where humanity and technology can collaborate in harmony to create Real Magic.”