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Chimp&z Inc wins digital mandate of skincare brand Raw Beauty

Chimp&z Inc has announced it has acquired the digital mandate for Indian skincare essentials brand Raw Beauty.
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Mumbai, India — Digital ad agency Chimp&z Inc has acquired the digital mandate of Indian skincare essentials brand, Raw Beauty. The agency’s Mumbai office will be responsible for handling the digital mandate partnership.

Raw Beauty’s brand focuses on using natural ingredients with science-backed benefits to create an extensive range of products. The company sources a large portion of the raw ingredients used in these products from local farmers and NGOs working in all parts of India.

Aligned with Raw Beauty’s philosophy, Chimp&z Inc will be managing its social media and increasing brand awareness for boosting conversion rates and sales. The agency will also work on brand tonality, brand guidelines, logo design, and brand positioning. Other undertakings include developing pillars of communications based on brand principles, setting up a fixed brand voice, layouts for story templates, and much more.

The first phase of this partnership is to launch a website, designed and conceptualized by the agency.

Sunayana Walia, co-founder of Raw Beauty, said that they are eager to expand the customer base by actively reaching out to their target segment. Walia added that that would require them to ramp up their social media presence by improving their Instagram presence and strategically deploying ads.

“After exploring multiple options in the market, we are confident that the enthusiasm and professionalism of the Chimp&z Inc team would be crucial in taking our brand to the next level. Their extensive experience in the industry and their commendable past work encouraged us to hire them. The quality of our partnership thus far has been excellent and we are excited for it to translate into tangible results,” Walia said.

Ashish Duggal, vice president of growth and operations for Chimp&z Inc, shared that Raw Beauty is an emerging brand that holds a vision to make people comfortable and confident about their raw selves.

Duggal added: “With their extensive range of products to select from, we believe that our team of strategic experts can add a lot of value to their social media marketing by making it one of the best brands to consider for natural products. Leveraging our experience of creating a digital footprint for beauty brands, we look forward to this partnership and are confident that we will be a big part of their scaling exercise.”

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