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The Australian Financial Review launches new brand platform via BMF

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Sydney, Australia The Australian Financial Review (AFR), the market’s business-centric media, has launched a new brand platform called ‘Make it your Business’, conceptualised with the help of BMF.

‘Make it Your Business,’ will be released in stages over the next few months, and is a mix of tactical live data OOH, press, digital, social, and podcast assets. 

BMF’s Creative Director, David Roberts, speaks about the brand platform, “‘Make it your Business’ is a call out to anyone, in any field, hustling for success. You never know what AFR article could kickstart your next career move, investment opportunity or entrepreneurial adventure.”

Nine’s Head of Brand and Acquisition, Vera Straubinger, also said, “When you need information you can trust on investing, business moves, and careers, you turn to the most trusted and credible source. The AFR is the source that gives you a deep, nuanced understanding that stretches beyond your own horizons. And goes beyond the headlines.”

This is BMF’s first work for AFR since winning the account earlier this year.

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